Where do Santa's letters really go?

Where do Santa's letters really go?

While most letters addressed to "Santa Claus" in the United States are handled at the local post office as part of the Operation Santa program, if the notes are addressed to Anchorage, Alaska, or Santa Claus, Indiana (real city names), they will be delivered to those cities' post offices, where they will receive a special response from local...

In fact, letters sent to Santa always begin with the word "Dear." This is because the letter is not actually addressed to Santa himself, but to his representative - the postal service. The postal service handles all correspondence to St. Nicholas Day National Headquarters in New Jersey, so all letters sent to Santa must pass through a mail-sorting facility there.

The person who handles these letters is called an op clerk. They work in a large room filled with cubicles, each one corresponding to a different country. When a package arrives at the New Jersey headquarters, it is assigned to an op clerk based on its origin and destination countries. If the letter is from a child, the op clerk will search for a suitable gift and write a reply, which will then be hand-delivered by another employee.

All national postal services follow a standardized procedure for responding to letters from children. Whether the response is mailed back to the original writer or left at the main post office in the recipient town/city, it will always include at least one of three items: a book, a gift certificate, or money.

Where do you send a letter to Santa Claus?

Many youngsters in the United States write to Santa Claus at Santa Claus, North Pole, Alaska. Letters delivered through the US Post Office with the "North Pole, Alaska" address form part of the USPS Letters to Santa program, which began in 1912 with Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock's authority. The program now is run by the Internet Brands, Inc., which also operates MyPostcard.com and Popsocket.com.

Santa Claus receives over 1 million letters from children all over the world. He replies to every letter that he receives from kids who are good girls and boys. When you write to Santa, tell him what you want for Christmas and put your address here in the United States or Canada. Then wait for his reply!

Remember: don't write him if you aren't sure how much help you really need because he can't answer questions about finances. Also remember that he needs to keep his work and play time separate so don't write him at school or on campus mailboxes!

Finally, remember that when you write to Santa you're not asking for something specific, you're just putting yourself out there for whoever wants to read your letter. That could be anyone who finds it, so make yours stand out!

Have a happy holiday season!

When should I send a letter to Santa in Alaska?

The rest is left to Santa's hardworking Postal Service elves. Important: The USPS suggests sending the letters no later than December 7 in order for them to arrive in the Anchorage, AK office by December 14. Find out more here. In addition, the USPS runs Operation Santa, a letter-writing initiative for any child in need. As part of this program, all they need to do is write "Please deliver my letter to Santa" and their letter will be delivered free of charge.

Santa's good friends at the United States Post Office can help families with delayed mail get their letters to Santa on time. If you aren't able to send your letter until after December 7, just let us know and we'll hold it for you until then so that you can still send Santa your wishes for the new year!

You can also choose to send your letter directly to St. Nicholas National Church in New York City. They will pass it along to Santa's staff, who will address it to Santa himself. Then, it will be placed in the mailbox at the North Pole waiting to be opened by the real Santa Claus.

Finally, if you want to send your own personal note to Santa, it's not required but we recommend doing so if you want him to think about you when he visits the children on Christmas Eve.

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