What is louder than a bomb being held?

What is louder than a bomb being held?

Every spring, Chicago Louder Than a Bomb hosts a youth poetry slam. It was founded in 2001 by Kevin Coval and Anna West of the nonprofit group Young Chicago Authors and has since grown to become the world's largest youth slam, with over 70 teams competing in 2011. The competition is open to high school students in the United States and Canada.

The team from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago, Illinois was awarded first place after their coach said they were the most prepared team he had seen in years. They received $10,000 and a trophy for their efforts. Second place winners also received $5,000 and a trophy. Third place received $2,500 and a trophy. Fourth place received $1,250 and a trophy. Fifth-sixth places received $750 and $500 trophies respectively. Seventh-eighth places received $500 and $300 trophies respectively. Ninth-twelfth places received $300 and $200 trophies respectively. Thirteenth-fourteen places received $100 and $50 awards respectively. Fifteenth-sixth places received $50 awards each.

In 2007, Chicago LTTB hosted one of the first international slams when representatives from Lebanon came to compete. In 2008, Toronto became the second Canadian city to host its own youth slam called Torontoslam. In 2009, Houston hosted Houstonslam. In 2010, San Antonio hosted Sakslam. In 2011, Washington D.C.

What is the loudest scream ever?

Annalisa Wray has held the current world record since 1994. She screamed the word "quiet" at a level of 121.7 dBA during the Citybus Challenge in Belfast, Northern Ireland. That is nearly as loud as a jet engine! Jill Drake, a classroom aide, owns the scream championship with an ear-piercing 129 dBA.

The average human voice ranges from about 100 to 150 dBA. Anything louder than that is considered shouting instead of speaking. Shouting can cause damage to your ears if it is repeated often enough.

The highest recorded human voice was 270 dBA, set by Harold Hughes during his death scream as he lay dying from tuberculosis. The lowest recorded human voice was 3 dBA, set by Albert Einstein when he was aged 7.

People have different ways of expressing pain. Screaming is one way that people show anger or fear. When you shout, you use your vocal cords to make sound waves so that others will know there is danger or that you are angry with them.

Shouting can be dangerous if you abuse it. It can cause hearing loss if done repeatedly. Also, the person who is shouting may be ignored if they are not saying anything important.

Young children's voices are soft compared to adults' voices. By age 5, most children's voices have reached their peak volume.

Where is the hushed sound from?

Urbana, Illinois Origin of the Hush Sound The legend of the hush sound originates from a story told by Zane Grey about his adventures as a young man in Utah. In this story, Grey and two friends go hunting in a remote area of Utah where they come across a cave. When Grey goes inside the cave, he discovers that it connects with another larger cave and that there is music coming from within this larger cave. Curious to find out what makes the music, Grey digs a hole through the wall of the smaller cave and climbs into the other one. Once inside, he finds a large room filled with tall columns supporting the roof. Sitting at the base of each column is a violin-like instrument. As Grey watches, one of his friends picks up one of the violins and plays some notes. Then the other one of their friends does the same, and soon all three are playing together. Suddenly, there is a silence. Grey asks his friends why no one is singing anymore, and they tell him that when you make such a noise yourself, you stop being able to hear anyone else's voice.

Even though this story was written more than 100 years ago, people still talk about the hushed sound today.

Where does Bombs Away come from?

Away with the bombs (group)

Bombs Away
GenresPop, electro house, Melbourne bounce, trap, Progressive House, Hip house
Years active2010–present
LabelsCentral Station, Universal Music, Ministry of Sound Australia, Bomb Squad Records, Cloud 9 Records, Kontor Records, Radikal Records

What is the loudest cherry bomb exhaust?

The Cherry Bomb Extreme Muffler is the brand's loudest exhaust option. Its custom-tuned, short-body design is designed to produce a monstrously ripping tone that will be heard across the entire neighborhood. The muffler features mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing with aluminum caps at each end; this material is extremely resistant to corrosion from exhaust gases.

Other notable features of the Cherry Bomb Exhaust System include: dual-outlet tailpipe for improved emissions; chrome-plated hardware; and four rubber bumpers attached to the ends of the muffler to absorb shocks from street corners and other hazards.

Cherry Bomb Exhaust Systems are available for most V8 engines in the lineup. A set of Cat-Back Exhaust Systems can increase horsepower by as much as 10 percent while reducing fuel consumption by up to 1 mph per gallon. Installation of these systems is easy enough for anyone to do themselves. They typically require only a drill to cut holes through the bumper for installation.

Cherry Bomb also offers several other exhaust system designs for different applications. For example, their X-Pipe is specifically engineered to enhance the sound of your V8 without adding any additional noise or vibration itself. The X-Pipe features straight-through design with no bends in the metal tube for maximum output and minimal loss.

What kind of noise does an airgun make?

Depending on the sort of airgun you choose, they might be rather noisy. A loud crack will undoubtedly be heard by your neighbors. Consider it a mini-explosion every time you discharge a pellet downrange. Airguns are not meant to be used this way! They are toys after all! There are many different types of airguns available today, from basic blowback models to more advanced springers. Knowing how they work will help you decide which one is right for you.

All airguns have some type of mechanism that releases the pressure behind the projectile so it can be fired. This may be as simple as a valve opening up when you pull the trigger or a more complex system where multiple actions are required to fire the weapon. No matter what type of airgun you get, make sure it is safe for use before you shoot it for the first time. Read all instructions and take care of any maintenance needed while keeping children away from it.

Airguns tend to be quite noisy. When you fire a pellet with an airgun, there is a small explosion inside the barrel that sends the projectile down range. This can be very startling if someone is outside when you fire it off target practice! You should also remember that these guns are not meant to be used as weapons. They are toys at their core and should be treated as such.

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