Which is an example of a good topic sentence in a body paragraph?

Which is an example of a good topic sentence in a body paragraph?

Here are a couple such examples: There are several reasons why ABC Town has the worst pollution in the world. The theme is "ABC Town has the worst pollution in the world," and the controlling idea is "many causes." These causes are listed along with their implications for ABC Town's future.

Another reason why ABC Town has the worst pollution in the world is that there are many factories that emit toxic chemicals into the air we breathe. These chemicals enter the water supply and cause serious health problems for people who live here. Also, there are no green spaces in ABC Town so all the trash from the cars gets dumped in the streets or on top of buildings which leads to illegal dumping sites. This is another cause of its bad reputation.

Finally, ABC Town has a population of over one million people so it's not surprising that they don't care about environmental issues since they think about them only when it comes to money. As long as they can make enough profits by discharging toxic chemicals into the environment, they will never stop doing it.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why ABC Town has the worst pollution in the world. Some of them are obvious while others less so. Still, everyone must agree that this situation cannot continue indefinitely. A change needs to come about, and many companies need to be held accountable for their actions.

Which of these are examples of good topic sentences?

The controlling notion indicates the overall direction of the paragraph. These two sentences explain what caused ABC Town to have the worst pollution in the world.

The first sentence explains that there are many factors that contribute to pollution, while the second explains that one of those factors is the town's location near a power plant. These two sentences together make up the control idea behind this paragraph - that ABC Town has the worst pollution in the world because it is close to a power plant.

A topic sentence does not have to be the last sentence of a paragraph. It can also be the main point of the paragraph as long as it relates back to the theme or control idea of the paragraph. For example, here is another topic sentence for the previous paragraph: ABC Town's proximity to a power plant makes it vulnerable to environmental damage. This sentence explains how ABC Town became so polluted; now it's time to move on to another subject matter related to pollution.

Here are three more topic sentences that can be used to great effect when writing an essay or report: Apple Inc.'s new iPhone 4s has been criticized for its battery problem.

What are the elements of an effective topic sentence?

The subject sentence is usually divided into two parts: (a) the topic and (b) the governing notion. However, excellent topic sentences go beyond just declaring the paragraph's subject. A excellent subject sentence is specific and concentrated, and it guides the whole paragraph. It makes sense as a stand-alone sentence.

Here are the four main ideas that make up an effective topic sentence:

1. It declares the main idea or thought of the paragraph. This idea can be stated in one simple sentence which acts as a guide for the rest of the paragraph. For example, "In order to understand why students fail the AP English Language and Composition Exam, we need to know how much content they actually remember from previous years" is a good topic sentence because it tells us what the paragraph is going to be about.

2. It is concise and clear. A topic sentence should be short and easy to read. If it isn't, then it's not a good topic sentence and the reader should try to find another one. For example, "Students fail the exam because they don't remember enough from previous years" is concise but unclear. It may give the reader the impression that we aren't sure why students fail the exam when really we are.

How do you write a topic sentence and a controlling idea in a paragraph?

The topic sentence directs the writer's attention to what should be included in the paragraph and what should be left out. Each paragraph should address a single issue. The controlling notion informs the reader about the topic of the paragraph. My dog is devoted, amusing, and stunning. These are all examples of a topic, or head, sentence.

A topic sentence is a sentence that states its own topic. It does this by using the present simple tense (not present perfect or past tense) and by including the word "that" (followed by a noun or a pronoun). Here are some examples of good topic sentences: "That girl over there is cute. I think I'll go talk to her." "They all seem to enjoy themselves at the party. I'm sure I can find something for everyone to eat." "What song is this? I don't know it but it seems to fit you perfectly."

A topic sentence can be combined with other parts of speech to create a compound sentence. For example, "People love sports; they just want to see their friends suffer together." Here, the first part of the sentence functions as a topic sentence because it states its own topic ("People love sports") while the second part describes how this fact relates to the whole sentence ("they just want to see their friends suffer together"). Compound sentences are useful for explaining multiple concepts or ideas in length.

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