Which is the best description of Myles Standish?

Which is the best description of Myles Standish?

Standish, Myles One of the most well-known images of him in popular culture was in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 1858 poem The Courtship of Miles Standish. In the highly dramatized scenario, he is portrayed as a shy romantic. It was very popular in the nineteenth century and helped to solidify the Pilgrim myth in American society.

Myles Standish was born on August 4th, 1617 in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He was one of eight children of John Standish and Elizabeth How. His father was an early settler of Massachusetts who served as Assistant to Three Kings. In 1635, Standish married Abigail Williams; they had six children. In 1653, Standish led a company of soldiers against the Indians during the Pequot War. He was wounded at the battle of Newtown (now called Brookfield) and later captured but released after agreeing to lead more missionaries to Native Americans. After his marriage breakdown in 1668, Standish moved to Rhode Island where he established a farm and raised livestock. In 1676, Standish returned to Massachusetts and settled in Dorchester where he worked as a customs officer. He died in 1667.

Educationally, Standish graduated from Harvard College in 1642. There is no evidence that he held any government position but many sources claim he was chosen by the Plymouth Colony to be one of their representatives to the newly formed government of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

His image appears on both American and Canadian coins.

How is Jack Randall similar to Frank Randall?

Jack Randall very closely resembles his descendant, Frank Randall. The likeness is such that Claire Beauchamp mistakes Jack for her husband upon arriving in the past. Though a handsome man like Frank, Jack's skin is darkly tanned from years of exposure, and he wears his dark hair long. He also tends to speak with a Southern accent.

They are not only physically similar but also have many of the same interests and traits. Both men love history and have an interest in archaeology. They both enjoy reading too and have books among their possessions after they go back in time.

Frank even sends Jack on some adventures after he returns to England from America. One such adventure has him meeting up with his great-great-grandfather David Randall who owns a shop in Philadelphia where many of our other characters later meet. Another has him going to Ireland to search for gold which turns out to be nonexistent but it provides him with an opportunity to visit some ancient ruins.

Although they live almost 100 years apart, this pair of ancestors goes back quite a way. Jack Randall was born in 1750 and died in 1820 while Frank Randall was born almost 20 years later in 1770. They were both born in South Carolina though.

There are several things we can learn from their story. First, it shows that you don't need to live close together for your descendants to have much interaction with one another.

What does this excerpt reveal about Brandon?

What does this passage tell us about Brandon? He actually cares for Marianne. He is hesitant to declare his feelings for Elinor. He would like to see Marianne married off sooner rather than later. However, he doesn't want to risk ruining his friendship with Elinor by showing her his true feelings.

He also shows jealousy when he finds out that Edward has been spending more time with Marianne. This indicates that he believes that she should be given over to him instead of Edward.

Finally, he wants what's best for everyone involved and doesn't want to see a marriage between Marianne and Edward realized. This shows that he is not only good friends with them but also have love for them as well.

What is Nick’s tone in The Great Gatsby?

Tone Nick's attitudes toward Gatsby and Gatsby's story are ambivalent and contradictory. At times, he seems to disapprove of Gatsby's excesses and breaches of manners and ethics, but he also romanticizes and admires Gatsby, describing the events of the novel in a nostalgic and elegiac tone.

Nick takes great pride in being part of the "best family in Philadelphia" and feels guilty for not having been born into that family instead. He also feels superior to Gatsby, who he views as an inferior person who has chosen a luxurious lifestyle over an honest one. However, despite his prejudices against Gatsby, Nick is fascinated by him and wants to know more about him. He goes so far as to hire a private investigator to find out more about Gatsby.

Additionally, Nick acts as a mentor to Gatsby and helps him achieve his dream of becoming rich. They share a close bond of friendship and have many adventures together. When Gatsby asks Nick for help with his marriage, he agrees without hesitation. Later on in the novel, when it appears that Gatsby may lose his fortune, Nick encourages him to start fresh in New York with Daisy. He believes that they would be perfect for each other and tells Gatsby that he should go ahead with their marriage.

In Roald Dahl's work, what does the acronym BFG stand for?

A Huge and Friendly Giant Roald Dahl's beloved novel about the dream-catching Big Friendly Giant and little orphan Sophie, The BFG, was originally published in 1982. The book has been translated into 44 languages and is now one of the best-selling children's books of all time.

The BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant. He is a giant who lives in a cave on an island with his family. When the townspeller goes to the island to make some money by catching people's dreams, he meets the BFG, who invites him to stay forever.

In this story, which children's book character would you want to be your friend?

Sophie is the only child of a poor miner. One day she falls into the river and is found by the townspelman, who brings her up on the streets using her ability to dream-catch. When she grows up, she decides to find the BFG so she can go back home to see her parents again.

The BFG catches people's dreams and keeps them in his pocket so they can eat whenever they want to sleep. One night a bad man steals all of the BFG's dreams, including his favorite person, so the BFG sets out to catch the thief's dream too.

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