What is the first sentence of Outsiders?

What is the first sentence of Outsiders?

"When I walked out into the brilliant sunshine from the obscurity of the movie theatre..." begins the opening line (page 9). As you can see, it gets right to the point with no prologues or introductions. The storyline progression in the middle of the novel was logical and simple. There were no convoluted plot twists or surprises.

The main character, a young boy named Jonny, lives with his family in a small town outside of Minneapolis-St. Paul. His parents are artists who work on commission for different people, so they don't have a stable income. One day when Jonny is at school, he sees some kids kicking a homeless man down an alley. He feels sorry for the guy so he walks down the alley to find out what's going on. That's when he finds out that the homeless man is actually a vampire who feeds on human blood to survive. Vampires can't go out in daylight, so Jonny helps the homeless man find a group of other vampires who will let him join them. They call themselves the Outsiders because they're outsiders from normal society who live among humans.

This book was written by Stephenie Meyer after she wrote the popular Twilight series. She wanted to write another dark story that adults could read too so they can feel satisfied after reading the Twilight series.

What is the word for the beginning of a story?

What is the name of the beginning of a story? A prologue is the first chapter of the story you're discussing. The prologue provides us a glimpse into the major section of the tale and/or can tie the core plot to any character's past background story. Many novels have two prologues: one at the beginning of the book that tells what kind of story it is (novel, screenplay, etc.) and another at the beginning of each chapter telling who is speaking.

A prose introduction is written at the beginning of a piece of writing to explain its purpose or indicate its type. For example, a biography will typically begin with information about the person being profiled and a statement of its purpose. Biographers do not usually start their essays with "Now for the rest of the story..." However, a biographer might write such a sentence at the end of the essay to signal that there is more information to come.

An abstract is a brief summary of the contents of a document or database record. Abstracts are used by researchers when searching through large collections of literature to find relevant material. They are also useful for helping readers decide whether or not to continue reading a lengthy paper or report.

A preface is a short introductory piece that is often attached to the beginning of a book. Prefaces are often written by famous people who have something interesting to say about the subject of the book.

What's a good first sentence for a story?

Begin with an unusual detail. By providing an eerie detail immediately away, an opening phrase can catch readers. The opening phrase of George Orwell's 1984, which refers to clocks striking thirteen, is a classic example. The first paragraph informs readers that something unique is going on in the novel's universe.

The opening sentence should also make a clear statement as to what type of story it is. If you're not sure how to start a story, consider these options: "Once upon a time," "A long time ago," or "In a place far from here." These phrases work well because they tell the reader we are about to begin a fairy tale, historical event, and so forth. Avoid using a sentence opener that gives away the plot of your story; readers want to find out what happens next!

Finally, keep in mind that the first sentence does not have to be long. Short and sweet always reads better than longer sentences that lack clarity. We recommend writing one full paragraph for your opening sentence.

What does "first person" mean in reading?

Many short stories and novels are written in the first person. You are inside a character's brain in this type of storytelling, experiencing the tale unfold via that character's eyes. The opposite side of the bed is chilly when I wake up. I shrug off my blankets and climb into bed. As I do, I notice that my right arm is naked. I glance at the clock by my bed: It's just after seven. I grab some clothes from the floor and head out to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. When I pour milk into a bowl, I realize it's not mine. I smile as I remember falling asleep with my book on the nightstand. It must be Jim's - he always leaves his milk on the counter during the week while we're at work.

I drink my milk and eat my cereal quickly so I can read before school starts. The story is good, but then I get stuck on page 12. I wonder what will happen to Tom and Kate? Will she marry him? He seems like a nice guy. I love books about England, so this story takes place in London. I'll have to read more stories by this author. She writes very fast-paced adventures that keep me turning the pages late into the night.

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