Which is the largest newspaper in the world by circulation?

Which is the largest newspaper in the world by circulation?

With approximately 330 million newspapers published daily in 2011, India lead the world in newspaper circulation. The Daily News and Analysis (DNA) from Mumbai is read by more than 20 million people every day.

It also has the highest readership among English newspapers. The DNA is the only newspaper to have been listed on all three platforms of the Fortune 500 list- a testament to its standing as one of the most trusted publications in India.

It also claims to have the largest circulation of any Indian newspaper with up to 700 copies sold for each edition. However, this figure includes free copies distributed in railway stations, airports, bus stands and other public places.

The newspaper was founded in 1924 by Raja Ram Mohan Roy who owned the largest printing press of his time at that time. He wanted to create a publication that would advocate for India's independence from Britain's rule.

Today, it is owned by Bennett, Coleman & Company Ltd. which also owns The Times of India and Financial Express.

Their offices are located at Mahatma Gandhi Road in South Mumbai.

How many newspapers are printed daily in the world?

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) produces a list of the most widely circulated newspapers. The Indian newspaper market is dominated by two large companies: The Times of India and the Hindustan Times.

In terms of total circulation, India is followed by China, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Iran. In fact, over 75% of all newspapers published worldwide can be found in just five countries: America, Australia, Britain, India, and Japan.

Every day, more than 300 newspapers are printed around the world. This number increases every year as more and more people become interested in reading about current events and business opportunities. Only a few of these newspapers are national in scope; the others are regional or local publications that cover their specific areas.

There are two main types of newspapers: broadsheets and digests. A broadsheet is any newspaper with an area larger than a digest; thus, the name "broad." These papers are still commonly used in some parts of the world. Digests on the other hand, are usually smaller newspapers that contain only one section of content to save space in distribution centers and for ease of handling. They are also called "special sections" or "broadsheets minus spreads."

Why is the Times of India the best newspaper?

The Times of India has been named the world's most widely read English newspaper on a daily basis. TOI is unquestionably the nation's newspaper, with an astounding circulation of over 76.43 lakh. It is also one of the most trusted newspapers in India, if not the most trusted.

It was founded in 1838 by John Thomas Young as the Indian Daily News, which aimed to promote British interests in India. In 1969, it became a fully owned subsidiary of The Times of London and was renamed The Times of India.

TOI has won several awards for its journalism. It has also been criticized for its coverage of social issues like caste discrimination and violence against women. However, it has also been lauded for its coverage of important events like the Kargil War and the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

Today, it remains the largest-selling daily in India. With around 75 lakh readers, it has a market share of about 40 percent.

Besides being widely read, The Times of India is also regarded as one of the finest newspapers in terms of quality. It has international writers who provide insight into different topics ranging from politics to entertainment. These articles are written based on interviews with key figures in politics and industry along with other sources.

Is it the largest selling English news magazine in India?

India Today is the most popular English magazine in India, with a weekly circulation of over one million. The India Today news channel was also created in 2015. It covers current affairs including politics, business, entertainment, culture, sports and women's issues.

It has eight divisions, including two newspaper chains: the News Paper Group and the IDG Group. The newspapers included in these groups are widely read across India. Other divisions include an online news portal, a television channel and a radio station. The magazine is published by India Today Media Ltd., which also publishes several other magazines and newspapers in India.

India Today was launched on 8 August 1975. It started as a small magazine but now it is one of the leading news brands in India with editions in 18 languages and addresses nearly 20 million readers every week.

Which is the second-largest circulated daily newspaper?

List of Indian newspapers by circulation

S.NoNewspaperJune – December (2019)
1Dainik Bhaskar4,579,051
2Dainik Jagran3,614,162
3The Times of India2,880,144
4Malayala Manorama2,308,612

Which was the largest number of newspapers published in the country?

The biggest number of newspapers were published in Hindi (7910), followed by English (1406), Urdu (938), Gujarati (761), Telugu (603), Marathi (521), Bengali (472), Tamil (272), Oriya (245), Kannada (200), and Malayalam (192).

This statistic shows that, overall, India is a newspaper-reading nation. However, there are regional differences: while most states have only one or two major papers, others such as Karnataka and Kerala have several dozen publications on the market.

These figures are from the Department of Newspaper Publishing. They do not include magazines or online news sources. The total number of newspapers published in India has increased by more than 50 percent since 2002. One reason for this increase is the rising number of local newspapers. There are now nearly 500 local papers publishing daily editions in India, compared with about 300 five years ago.

They cover news around their areas, often focusing on specific neighborhoods or towns. For example, newspapers in Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) cover news from the western part of the city, while those in Karnataka cover areas south of Mumbai.

There are also a lot of weekly newspapers published in India. These include national magazines such as Mainstream, Frontline, and Sahitya Akademi Award-winning journals such as Caravan and Crossword.

What was the circulation of the News of the World?

Circulation increased further, peaking in the mid-1950s; sales of the News of the World peaked at more than eight million in 1950. Newspaper sales have been steadily declining since the 1950s. Today's News of the World has a readership of about two million people.

The Sunday News of the World had a circulation of about 11 million until 2009, when it was reported to have dropped to 10.4 million. However, this figure is now considered inaccurate because it includes copies that were redistributed from other papers (such as The Independent). A more accurate figure is given by the Press Association, which estimates that Sunday News of the World circulation was just over one million in 2012.

In October 2011 it was announced that News International was closing down its British newspaper division, including the News of the World, which was then closed down the following month. Around 4,000 jobs will be lost as a result of this decision.

News International said that the closure was necessary because of "recent events" which had made it impossible to justify continuing publication of news websites in Britain.

These events include the phone hacking scandal that has seen several high profile journalists and employees of the paper arrested for misconduct in public office, and the subsequent release of documents showing that reporters at the paper had paid informants within the police force for information.

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