Which is the most popular newspaper in Bangalore?

Which is the most popular newspaper in Bangalore?

The Deccan Herald, which is published from Garden City in Bangalore, is a widely read daily. Despite being a regional daily, it has all the qualities of a national newspaper and has become one in its own right. My involvement with the Deccan Herald began in 1960, when I was working...

...as an intern at the Indian Express in Bangalore. It was here that I learned the trade from some of the best journalists in the business. In 1964, I joined the Deccan Herald as a reporter. A few years later, I became its editor. I stayed there for seven years until I moved to Mumbai to take charge of another daily, the Maharashtra Times.

I returned to Bangalore in 1975 and took over as chairman of the Deccan Herald Group. I remained at this post till my death in 1990. During this time, we built the group up into a formidable presence in the news industry, with newspapers in several other cities besides Bangalore. Today, we are one of India's largest English language newspapers by circulation.

The Deccan Herald is also one of the oldest newspapers in India. It was started back in 1881 by John Saunders, who sold vegetables outside Victoria Memorial Hall, where public meetings were held. The first issue came out on January 8, 1882. It was a four-page paper with James Skinner Wright as its editor.

Is the Deccan Herald a good newspaper?

The Deccan Herald (DH) has been Karnataka's most popular newspaper for almost seven decades. It is required reading for all citizens of the state since it keeps them up to date on everything that is going on in their city and state.

It is also respected national-level journalism, with several of its writers winning awards from different organizations.

It is published by The Hindu Group which in turn is part of the India Today magazine chain. The Hindu is one of the oldest newspapers in the world. It was started in 1880 by Rangarajan Ramakrishnan who also edited and published it for many years. The paper today is published from Chennai (Madras), but it used to be printed in Bangalore before that.

Ramakrishnan wanted to publish an English daily that would cover news not only from south India but also from around the world, hence the name "Deccan Herald". The first issue came out on 15 February 1880. It had eight pages with no illustrations and a price tag of 1 rupee (about $8 at that time).

Over the years the paper has won numerous awards for its journalism. It is considered one of the best newspapers in India by many critics.

Does your newspaper have an online version? If so, what are some advantages?

Which is India's best newspaper?

India's Best English Newspaper

  • Hindustan Times.
  • The Statesman.
  • The Economic Times.
  • The Telegraph.
  • The pioneer.
  • Daily News and Analysis.
  • Deccan Chronicle.
  • The Asian Age.

Which Indian newspaper has the highest circulation?

List of Indian newspapers by circulation

1Dainik JagranKanpur
2Dainik BhaskarBhopal
3The Times of IndiaMumbai
4Malayala ManoramaKottayam

Which newspaper is the most popular in India?

List of Indian newspapers by circulation

1Dainik BhaskarBhopal
2Dainik JagranKanpur
3The Times of IndiaMumbai
4Malayala ManoramaKottayam

How many types of newspapers are there in India?

Over 100,000 publications were registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India as of March 31, 2018. As of 2018, India has the world's second-largest newspaper market, with daily newspapers having a combined circulation of more than 240 million copies. The Indian newspaper industry is divided into four major sectors: state-owned newspapers, private non-profit newspapers, private commercial newspapers and electronic news portals.

State-owned newspapers include those published by the government bodies responsible for publishing official information about their governments. These newspapers often have close ties to political parties or individual politicians. Private non-profit newspapers include newspapers that are not-for-profit organizations that print newsletters or journals and operate on a small scale. They include newspapers that are based at universities or other educational institutions. Private commercial newspapers include newspapers that are owned by companies and corporations who print certain quantities of newspapers each month or year depending on how much revenue they generate. Their owners may be looking to make a profit or may be operating on a small scale like university newspapers.

Electronic news portals are web sites that publish news articles written by journalists but are also used as a platform for readers to post comments under relevant stories. Some examples of popular news websites in India include TimesofIndia.com, IndiaToday.in and BusinessWorld.com.

Which newspaper has India’s national newspaper on its masthead?

The National Herald is an Indian daily produced by The Associated Journals Ltd and controlled by Young India Limited, an Indian National Congress-owned enterprise.

Freedom is in Peril, Defend it with All Your Might
EditorZafar Agha
Founded9 September 1938
Political alignmentIndian National Congress

Which is the second-largest circulated daily newspaper?

List of Indian newspapers by circulation

S.NoNewspaperJune – December (2019)
1Dainik Bhaskar4,579,051
2Dainik Jagran3,614,162
3The Times of India2,880,144
4Malayala Manorama2,308,612

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