Which is the number one newspaper in India?

Which is the number one newspaper in India?

The Hindi language daily newspaper is the most popular in Madhya Pradesh and one of the fastest growing in India in terms of readership. Jagran Prakashan Limited, which also owns Mid Day and Naiduniya, has one of the greatest newspaper circulations in India. It is the largest English-language daily in the country by circulation.

It was founded in 1983 by Ram Charitrao with its first issue published from Bhopal. The title became famous for its powerful headlines which caught attention of readers early in the morning when most newspapers were still being distributed. Today, it is one of the leading dailies in India with a nationwide network of offices across the country.

In 2013, Jagran Prakashan Limited announced that it would be moving into television news, starting with a 24-hour Hindi news channel called News Nation which would be available across all platforms - radio, web, mobile - and would be priced at Rs 5 per month. In April 2014, they launched their news app which provides real-time coverage of events across India.

Jagran Prakashan Ltd is one of the youngest companies to get listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India.

Today, it is owned by Aditya Birla Group and is operated from its headquarters in Bhopal.

What is the biggest newspaper in India?

The Times of India: With 2.14 million copies sold daily, The Times of India is India's largest English newspaper. The Dainik Jagran is the most-read local-language (Hindi) daily, with 21.2 million readers, according to the 2006 National Readership Study.

Zee News: Launched in February 2000, Zee News is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has news channels in Hindi and English.

DNA: An Indian English-language daily newspaper published from Mumbai with its head office located at Bandra Kurla Complex. It was founded in 1980 by Bimal Patel and Gautam Adani.

India Today: Founded in 1975, India Today is an Indian multinational media company that publishes magazines on politics, business, culture, and history. It also produces television channels that cover similar topics.

The Economic Times: Founded in 1982, The Economic Times is an Indian business newspaper that focuses on business news across Asia and Africa. It is one of the leading newspapers in India with regard to circulation.

Hindustan Times: Founded in 1968, The Hindustan Times is an Indian national daily newspaper based in New Delhi. It is the largest circulating English language daily in northern India with a daily readership of 1.5 million people.

Which is India’s most read newspaper in 2019?

This is a list of newspapers in India ranked by readership as of the fourth quarter of 2019.... Newspapers are included here.

NewspaperDainik Jagran (दैनिक जागरण)
CityVarious cities and states
Average Issue Readership 2019 (in millions)16.872

Which is the number 2 newspaper in Jharkhand?

Hindustan Dainik is the second most read newspaper in Jharkhand. It is India's fourth most widely distributed newspaper. It is distributed in six states and two union territories, spanning 179 congressional districts. This newspaper is published in 17 distinct places around India. By readership, it is the most popular newspaper in West UP. It is also the largest circulated Hindi daily in North India.

Its political stance is conservative but not right-wing. It has been criticized for its biased coverage of events in Jharkhand. However, it is considered an accurate reflection of opinion in Hindu nationalist circles.

The newspaper was founded by the Bharatiya Janata Party leader L K Advani who wanted a regional newspaper that would promote his ideology. It started publication on 9 August 1998. The founding editor was Ram Sharan Joshi who was later replaced by Rajendra Mathur. Both men were associated with the BJP. Currently, Sudesh Varma is the editor of the paper.

In 2014, the circulation of Hindustan Dainik was estimated to be over one million copies per day. It is published in six languages: Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Malayalam, Telugu and English.

It has 24 branches across the state of Jharkhand and is also available online.

How many newspaper names are there?

They are two separate parameters. Because a single newspaper is read by several people, the readership far outnumbers the circulation. Top 15 Indian Newspapers

PublicationCirculation (in 000s)
Dainik Bhaskar Hindi12,857
Malayala Manorama Malayalam8,565
Thanthi Tamil8,156
Rajasthan Patrika Hindi7,665

Which is the second-largest circulated daily newspaper?

List of Indian newspapers by circulation

S.NoNewspaperJune – December (2019)
1Dainik Bhaskar4,579,051
2Dainik Jagran3,614,162
3The Times of India2,880,144
4Malayala Manorama2,308,612

Which language newspaper has the highest circulation?

According to data from Annual Statements, the most newspapers were published in Hindi (4131), followed by English (864), Gujarati (775), Urdu (463), Bengali (445), and Marathi (445). (328). Hindi newspapers maintained to lead in circulation with 7,66,98,490 copies, followed by English with 3,41,06,816 copies. Other newspapers included in the list had 100,000 or less copies.

These are the top 10 languages according to circulation. It's based on data from Annual Statements of each paper. If there are papers from more than one country they will be listed separately under different languages. For example, India has many languages including Hindi, English, Gujarati, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, etc. So here they are ranked by circulation of only those papers that are published in India.

If you see other languages in the table below them then these papers are published in more than one country and thus they will have separate rankings for each one. For example, The Hindu is published in India but also in Sri Lanka where it is called Daily News. Their respective circulations are given separately in the table below.

Also see the link for more details on this topic: Newspaper Circulation.

Which is India's best newspaper?

India's Best English Newspaper

  • Hindustan Times.
  • The Statesman.
  • The Economic Times.
  • The Telegraph.
  • The pioneer.
  • Daily News and Analysis.
  • Deccan Chronicle.
  • The Asian Age.

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