Which is worse: living a monster's life or dying a good man's life?

Which is worse: living a monster's life or dying a good man's life?

Which is worse: living as a monster or dying as a nice man? Teddy Daniels says: You behave as though insanity were contagious. Are you willing to risk infecting others?

Living as a monster is much, much worse than dying as a monster. At least with death we end our suffering, but who will clean up after a monster? Who will cook for them? Who will dry their tears? Death would be better if it didn't come so soon after the pain.

The main difference between living as a monster and dying as one is that when you die you go to hell or heaven, while when you live as a monster people will know what you've done even if they don't see you, which means you'll get punished even in hell where everyone else gets rewards.

What’s worse, to live as a monster?

Dr. Cawley: Marshall, sanity is not a choice; you cannot just choose to be over it. Rachel Solando says: Marshal, you're smarter than you appear. You can outwit a demon.

As played by Alec Baldwin in the 1997 film version of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Joe Cunningham is a successful NYC psychiatrist who treats every case with confidence and skill. However, beneath his calm exterior he is deeply disturbed - he has become a serial killer's best friend. Using his knowledge of the criminal mind, he leads his victims down dark paths until they lose their sense of self-preservation and obey his commands. Meanwhile, a group of high school girls led by Madison Davis (Liv Tyler) seek revenge on Joe for killing their friends by forcing him to play a deadly game that may destroy him forever.

Joe has always been popular with the ladies. As a child, he made fun of his own photo album because there were so many pictures of him with his sisters. Later on in life, he becomes good-looking and charismatic, which attracts many women. He enjoys being with people and has a gift for making friends, but sometimes this ability gets him into trouble. For example, when he meets a girl at a coffee shop and discovers that she is married, he tells her husband what them what they are doing together.

What is worse than being evil?

"What is worse than doing evil is being evil" (Ethics, p. 67). Lies are wrong, but what is worse than a lie is a liar, for the liar contaminates everything he says, because everything he says is meant to further a cause that is false. So, the worst kind of person is someone who is both evil and lies about it.

Lies come in many forms: false statements, half-truths, omissions, and obfuscation. They can be told by words, written or spoken; through actions; or even signs and signals. A lie can be used as a tool for revenge, to get something you want, to avoid something you do not want, or simply because it feels good to tell a lie. The only thing that matters when it comes to lies is that they are detected before they have any effect.

The best way to avoid lying is to say nothing if there is something you should know, but also don't overshare information. It's better to be safe than sorry - especially if you're trying to keep a secret from someone you trust. If you need to tell a lie, then try to use simple words and avoid saying anything you might regret later. Finally, remember that everyone tells some lies, so instead of getting mad at anyone for doing so, just accept it as part of life.

Who said no evil can happen to a good man?

Quotes by Plato A virtuous man cannot be harmed, either in life or after death.

Who makes a beast out of himself to get rid of the pain of being a man?

Quotes from Samuel Johnson's Dictionary.

Is it better for a man to have chosen evil than to have good imposed upon him?

Is it possible that a guy who chooses to be wicked is better than a man who is forced to be good? " -A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess.

Good and evil are both illusions. There is only existence. Some people choose to see nothing but evil in everything they do, while others see the truth of good and evil. No one is forced to be good or bad; we all make our own choices every day.

People often say that evil men do evil things while good men do nothing. But what does this really mean? It means that everyone has a choice in what they do. Everyone can choose to do good or bad. Even if someone isn't willing to do good, they can still choose not to do bad. And vice versa - even if someone is willing to do bad they can still choose not to do evil.

So yes, it is possible that a guy who chooses to be wicked is better than a man who is forced to be good. Because even though evil men do evil things, they still have a choice in what they do. While good men may not be able to stop themselves from doing good, they can at least control how they act once they make their decision.

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