Which one does the poet favour?

Which one does the poet favour?

Ice and fire According to the poet, both fire and ice are destructive. In this context, fire represents the heat of desire, whereas ice represents hate. He believes that our aggressive ambitions will bring the planet to an end. Therefore, he advises us to control our desires and not to waste them on harmful activities.

Fire is a very powerful force that can be used for good or evil. It can warm someone up on a cold night or light something when there's no fuel available. But it can also cause serious damage if it gets out of hand. The same thing can be said about ice. Although it seems harmless, if you get hit by ice particles while flying in a plane, for example, you could die from the shock alone because your body won't be able to withstand the impact.

Desires that we cannot satisfy are like flames that continue to burn even after they have been put out. We need ideas and concepts that go beyond what is given by the world around us so we don't feel limited by other people's opinions. That is why the poet has chosen ice as his metaphor. It doesn't belong to this world; it's pure energy that can destroy everything it touches. But we can use our minds to come up with ways to solve problems and leave hatred and violence behind us.

How does the poet caution the common man?

Robert Frost warns the average man about the reasons of the end of the world. He claims that the world might end in any of the ways that fire and ice can coexist. Fire represents words and emotions such as rage, intolerance, desire, and greed, whereas ice represents cruelty, coldness, and hatred. The average man should not take these things too seriously because they will disappear when there is no one left to remember them.

Frost uses historical figures to illustrate his point about how memories are lost over time. For example, he says that if people forget about King Charles I, then he will come back to life again. Ice and fire must unite against someone or something for this world to end, but which forces will be able to unite first?

Frost also tells us that the end of the world will happen when it happens. There are no predictions when or how exactly the world will end. However, he does give some indications about how we should live our lives so that we will have more chances of survival. For example, he says that if you want to be remembered after you die, then you should not fight with your neighbor over their property.

Finally, Frost advises us not to worry about things beyond our control. We cannot do anything about the coming end of the world, so why waste our energy on something that cannot be changed?

In conclusion, the end of the world will happen when it happens.

What is the poet's opinion?

The poet predicts that the world will end in flames. The public's divided opinion on whether the world will end in fire or ice is exemplified by the discussion over whether the world will end in fire or ice. Ice and fire are comparable in that they would both destroy the entire world. However, ice does not cause death, while fire does. A fire can be put out with water, whereas an ice age cannot. Thus, it can be concluded that the poet is predicting that the world will end in fire.

Who does the poet side with?

The poet supports people who believe the world will end in flames since their number outnumbers those who harbor hatred in their souls. The poet also supports those who fight against evil since violence is often used to combat it.

He opposes those who are greedy and want to keep what they have stolen because such people will not allow the world to come to an end. He also opposes those who abuse others because some people take pleasure in seeing others suffer.

The poet doesn't judge anyone but himself. He knows that he has done wrong by hating others but hopes that they will be forgiven because the world will end soon.

He believes that everyone deserves love and respect even if they haven't shown them yet because this is the only way for the world to be saved from destruction.

The poet wants peace but understands that sometimes this cannot be achieved without war because some people will never learn their lesson until they feel the pain of being defeated. However, even in times of war, hope still exists since many have been brought together by love.

In conclusion, the poet supports both those who are ready to die and those who are not because none should fear death.

What is the poet annoyed about?

In rage, the poet addresses the wind. He emphasizes the wind's devastating power. When he discovers the wind destroying life, he becomes enraged. He is dissatisfied when he realizes that the wind favors the strong and teases the weak...

Now, this is what I found to be interesting about this poem: the poet seems to be angry at the world in general because he thinks that the wind is taking advantage of people. This makes me wonder if the poet has lost someone dear to him so he is using the wind as a way of getting back at it.

Another thing that I noticed was that whenever the poet complains, the wind laughs at him. This shows that even though the wind is powerful, it can be beaten by persistence and hard work.

Last but not least, the poet asks the wind to stop so it will leave him in peace. This means that he wants the wind to be quiet so that he can concentrate on his work.

These are just some of the things that you can learn from this short poem. You should also know that there is more than one way to interpret this poem. You can think about different themes such as frustration, anger, revenge, etc. while reading it again and again until you understand it fully.

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