Which poetic device has been used in this line?

Which poetic device has been used in this line?

Anaphora, or the repetition of particular words, is the poetic method utilized in these lines. Anaphora is a common technique in poetry to create emphasis or to describe something in detail. In this poem, the anaphoric devices are used to emphasize the beauty of the night sky.

Anaphora can be either explicit or implicit. In an explicit use of anaphora, like that found in these lines, the same word or phrase is repeated at some point during the poem. This type of anaphora gives the reader/listener more information about what is being described. For example, when these lines are read aloud they help us understand that there are actually two stars being referred to in this passage. One star is mentioned first and then another star is added later in the line.

In an implicit use of anaphora, like that found in many poems, only the last word or phrase of each line is repeated. This type of anaphora helps give the poem rhythm and flow. It also tends to make the poem longer than its explicit counterpart because each sentence needs to end with a punctuation mark or clause cueing readers that they are now listening to new information.

What is the literary device used in the first line?

@Simile, the figure of speech is the literary device utilized in the first sentence... In this case, the wine refers to the quality of the air on Mount Helicon.

What literary devices are used in the Charge of the Light Brigade?

The poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" employs the following literary elements.

  • Repetition. The poet uses repetition several times in the poem.
  • Anaphora. It means repetition of same words in the starting of a number of consecutive lines.
  • Alliteration.
  • Personification.

What literary devices are used in the poem "The Mother"?

Literary Devices in "The Mother" Examined

  • Assonance: Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds in the same line. For example, the sound of /i/ in “with a little or with no hair”.
  • Anaphora: It refers to the repetition of a word or expression in the first part of some verses.

What literary devices are used in the poem "Harlem"?

Figurative Language & "Harlem" Poetic Devices

  • Anaphora. Anaphora works in several ways “Harlem.” First, it provides a recognizable pattern and structure to the speaker’s questions, beginning in stanza 2.
  • Allusion.
  • Consonance.
  • Assonance.
  • End-Stopped Line.
  • Parallelism.
  • Rhetorical Question.
  • Simile.

What poetic device is used in the red wheelbarrow?

Imagery use descriptive terms like "red" and "glazed." employs the poetic device of enjambment, emphasizing the line break. It is written in free verse, which means there is no rhyme or meter. To emphasize the minimalist approach, all words are two syllables or less. Imagery is a very powerful tool for grabbing readers' attention.

Red is a color that can be described in many ways. In this case, it is used to describe something material (the wheel) as well as something emotional (blood). The word "red" also has another meaning that fits here perfectly: "to move forward quickly," so the wheel goes from being black to becoming white with just a few strokes of the driver's wrist. This image is so powerful that even after hundreds of years, people still cry when they read about Hamlet's death!

The poet who invented this phrase was American Henry David Thoreau. He lived his simple life in rural Massachusetts, where he practiced meditation and wrote about his experiences in several books. He would walk through the woods every day with his dog Waggy, thinking deeply about life while walking through the nature.

Thoreau was one of the first people to recognize the harmful effects of industrialization on the environment, so he decided to do something about it. He created a campaign called "Walk Your Talk," which encouraged people to live simply and consciously.

What oxymoron device was used in the poem?

Literary or Poetic Devices in Poems: A Literary or Poetic Device is a method used by a writer to create a unique impression in their work. See Video Explanation of Literary Devices in Poems for more information.


Which poetic device is used in the rain on the roof?

The poem's literary techniques The recurrence of a consonant sound in two or more successive words is known as alliteration. The sound 'Humid Hover'-"h" is repeated. The phrase'starry spheres'-'s' should be repeated. The sound 'press pillow'-'p' is repeated. These sounds create an impression of rain on the roof.

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