Which sentence is the best example of foreshadowing answers?

Which sentence is the best example of foreshadowing answers?

Answer Expert Approved "Even though he should have been preparing for the chemistry test, Corey opted to go to the movies instead," of the supplied lines, best depicts foreshadowing since it implies that Corey would most likely fail the science test. This can be confirmed by reading the rest of the story where we find out that he did in fact fail the test.

What is an example of foreshadowing in a story?

In a literary work, foreshadowing happens when the author provides clues and suggestions about what is to follow in the plot. Foreshadowing examples: 1. A pipe is about to break, but before it occurs, the author constructs a scenario in which the family observes but dismisses a little black patch on the ceiling. The reader senses that something terrible will happen but cannot identify exactly what it is.

2. A man is lying in bed when his wife comes into the room. As she passes him, he grabs her arm; she screams and runs away. The husband then realizes that he has just signed his own death sentence - by law, anyone who touches his wife without her consent will be punished by death. This is a classic example of a literary device called "redemption scene" - a moment when everything seems lost for the main character, but then he or she is given a second chance at life.

3. In Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, the poet writes several scenes where the characters appear to be having fun and enjoying themselves together until tragedy strikes. At this point, both characters are supposed to turn and look at whoever called them by their names.

What is an example of the literary term "foreshadowing"?

Foreshadowing contributes to the suspense in a tale. 1. A pipe is about to break, but before it occurs, the author constructs a scenario in which the family observes but dismisses a little black patch on the ceiling. This scene predicts that something bad will happen to the family, but they need to know this first before they realize it. 2. In literature, things that occur before the main plot line are called foreshadowing. For example, a character might go into a room and come out without his/her shirt on even though it's cold outside. This could be considered a case of foreshadowing because we know what happens next-the character gets attacked by a gang of muggers.

3. The use of symbolism to indicate what will happen later in the story. For example, someone might write "A cat loves someone who loves him back" on an ad board for lost pets. This would be considered foreshadowing because later in the book or movie the phrase "a cat's meow" appears and it means that something good happened.

4. The prediction of future events is also known as prognostication. A writer can predict how characters will react to situations by reading their minds (or at least their emotions). For example, if a character hates apples then he/she is likely to reject an apple pie offered them by a friend.

What are some examples of foreshadowing in outsiders?

Foreshadowing is the use of clues about future events earlier in the text by the author. Pony recounts the difficulty that greasers get into with Socs as an example of foreshadowing. Pony and Johnny will have a lot of difficulty with the Socs throughout the novel. Johnny is jumped by the Socs and severely beaten. Later, when he tries to sneak out of town, the police catch him and take him to hospital where doctors treat his injuries.

Foreshadowing can be used to increase tension or to explain character traits or relationships. For example, when Johnny sees how badly Pony gets beat up after he jumps him, this explains why he later runs away from home. The author uses this to show that even though Johnny is friends with Pony, they have different ways of getting out of trouble with the Socs.

Another example is when the author writes about how hard it is for greasers and Socs to find friendship between each other. This is explained later in the book when it is revealed that Stacey Davis (a Soc) likes Pony. However, because she lives with her family, she cannot leave them to go hang out with Pony. Even though Stacey wants to be his friend, she cannot do anything about it because her family needs her around them.

Foreshadowing can also be used to reveal secrets about the past.

Which best explains what foreshadowing is?

Giving an indication as to how the tale will finish or what a character will do is referred to as foreshadowing. Foreshadowing can also include indications that explain why something happened or what was going on in a character's mind without using words, for example by showing actions or behaviors.

Foreshadowing can be used in novels, movies, and other forms of media to help readers/viewers understand what will happen later in the story or who will win/lose characters. It can also reveal secrets about the story or the characters before they are revealed openly.

Reading between the lines; seeing beyond what is said explicitly; understanding things that aren't said but implied from other things that are said or done: all these things are examples of foreshadowing. Authors use this tool extensively in their works to leave clues for future events or decisions that their readers can connect with later.

In literature, readers and listeners often interpret scenes or passages in their own ways. This is because authors write in order to create expectations in their readers/listeners regarding what will happen later in the story or in other parts of it. By doing this, they give their readers/listeners the opportunity to predict how events will unfold.

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