Which statement best describes the ekphrastic poetry quizlet?

Which statement best describes the ekphrastic poetry quizlet?

How does Williams portray the poem's subject? Which of the following statements best describes ekphrastic poetry? Ekphrastic poetry discusses or honors a work of visual art. It uses this art as a vehicle for expressing an idea, feeling, or response. It is therefore subjective.

Ekphrasis is the formal term for describing paintings as illustrations. This form of art criticism first became popular among classical scholars in the 18th century. The word itself comes from two Greek words: eikon, which means image, and phrasis, which means display. Thus, ekphrasis is the formal discussion of an image (eikon) in terms of its display (phrasis).

In his book Art and Imagination, Arthur Danto argues that William Carlos Williams' poems are examples of ekphrastic poetry because they "use art as a vehicle for expressing an idea, feeling, or response." Danto goes on to say that these poems "are thus subjective because they are created out of the poet's own feelings and responses to what he has seen."

Williams saw many works of art during his lifetime, including paintings by Edward Hopper, John Marin, and George Bellows.

What is the meaning of ekphrastic?

"Description" means "description" in Greek. A vivid depiction of a situation or, more typically, a work of art is the subject of an ekphrastic poetry. The poet can augment and deepen the meaning of a painting or sculpture by imaginatively telling and reflecting on its "movement."

Ekphrasis is the act of describing a visual image in words. The term comes from two Greek words: ektaphyses, which means "visual representation," and phusis, which means "to show." Thus, ekphrasis is "the showing by words." It is a form of artistic expression used by many great poets throughout history. The purpose of this type of poem is to give additional meaning to a work of art by explaining how it makes you feel, what it represents, etc.

Ekphrastic poems are found in many forms including epic, lyric, and drama. They are often included in larger works such as collections of poetry or plays. Today, ekphrastic poems are also used as the title for essays, lectures, and other creative non-fiction that explore the relationship between writing and visual art.

Ekphrasis was very popular in ancient Greece. One of the most famous ekphrastic poets was Pindar. He would describe the battles he saw during Olympic games and use this activity as a way to earn money for himself and his fellow athletes.

What do ekphrastic poems focus on?

Ekphrastic. An ekphrastic poem is one that investigates art. Within their writing, the poet incorporates any form of visual art. Although ekphrastic poems are typically linked with painting, drawing, sculpture, and other forms of art, they can also be poetry about music for dances. The term comes from the Greek eikon + skopein, meaning "to look at." Ekphrasis was a literary mode in which an artist's work of some kind was praised or criticized in order to understand its influence.

Modern artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Jackson Pollock have all written ekphrastic poems. So too have poets such as Paul Valery, John Ashbery, and Robert Duncan.

In these poems, the artist's creative process is examined through the eyes of a contemporary. The poet becomes interested in certain aspects of the artwork and explores them further by asking questions such as "Why did the artist create this?" and "How does it make you feel?".

These poems are often compared to classic descriptions written by ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. However, unlike those texts which were written to explain art history lessons, modern ekphrastic poems are subjective and interpretive rather than objective and critical.

They often use language that appeals to the intellect as well as the emotions.

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