Which statement best describes the topic sentence?

Which statement best describes the topic sentence?

A subject sentence communicates the paragraph's major theme. A subject phrase communicates the thesis's primary point. A topic phrase is specific enough to warrant its own paragraph. Therefore, the topic sentence of a paragraph can be expressed as a single phrase comprising the main idea of the paragraph.

What is the job of a topic sentence?

A subject sentence serves numerous key functions in a paragraph. A subject sentence should highlight the primary concept of a paragraph, letting the reader know what to expect from the paragraph. The topic sentence must convey a concept that will unite the rest of the paragraph while also tying it back to the paper's primary point. A good topic sentence should make readers want to read the rest of the paragraph and keep them interested until the end.

Other than this, a topic sentence can be considered an introduction to the topic discussed in the paragraph it belongs to. This sentence should state what the paragraph is going to discuss explicitly and give readers a reason to continue reading. It can also include a summary of the paragraph's main idea if necessary. A topic sentence should not try to cover too much ground. It should keep things simple yet still get the message across.

Examples of good topic sentences: "The heart is a muscle, so it can be trained like any other muscle in your body." "Scientists are still working out how blood moves through the human heart, but they know it needs to pump efficiently for the body to function properly." "There are three steps in creating a successful marketing campaign: planning, implementing, and monitoring and improving your campaign based on its success."

What are the topic words in a sentence?

A subject sentence is a sentence in which the primary idea of a paragraph is expressed. Topic sentences serve to concentrate your writing and direct the reader through your argument. Each paragraph in an essay or report should concentrate on a single theme. The topic sentence signals the reader that more information is forthcoming that will help him or her understand this theme.

In other words, a topic sentence is a sentence that either introduces or develops its topic. It can also be called a hook or opening sentence because it catches the reader's attention and prompts him or her to want to know more about the topic.

Some common topic words are: however, therefore, so, yet, as, when, where, why, who, what, whose, either, all, both, neither, everyone, no one, something, anything.

Using topic words to create effective topic sentences ensures that your readers will not only understand the main idea of your paragraph but will also come away with questions answered and issues resolved.

For example, if you are discussing how family dynamics affect alcoholism in a family, then the topic sentence "Family dynamics play an important role in determining whether someone becomes an alcoholic" would be appropriate since it answers the question "How do families affect alcoholism?"

What is a clear topic sentence?

A subject sentence is the opening sentence of a paragraph that outlines the topic and the paragraph's governing notion. A subject sentence should contain a topic, a governing concept, and the author's point of view. It can be as simple as "Cats are animals" or "Golf is a sport", but it must also hold interest for the reader.

Often, when writing an essay, it is necessary to identify a single idea that encompasses everything in the paper. This main idea becomes the topic of the paper, and the other ideas within it serve to support this topic and provide evidence for or against it. The supporting examples may be called "subtopics". For example, in "Cats are Animals" the topic is "Animals Are Wonderful", and the two subtopics are "Some Cats are Wonderful" and "Other Cats are Not". In "Golf Is a Sport That Some People Play for Fun" the topic is "Sports Are Games", and the two subtopics are "Golf Is a Sport" and "Playing Golf Is Not."

Every essay has a main idea that supports it. This main idea can be a feeling, belief, opinion, or fact. It can be based on your own experience or that of others. It can be related to current events or not.

What is the purpose of a topic statement?

A good topic sentence should get to the heart of the matter in one simple phrase.

It is important for readers to understand why something is being discussed and what role it plays in the paper. The topic sentence should make this clear by linking the information being presented with some key word or phrase. For example, "In this essay, we will examine how music affects people." This sentence explains that the essay will discuss how music affects people. It links the discussion to the whole paper by using the word "how". It can be seen that the topic sentence serves as a guide for readers who may not be familiar with all the details of the paper.

Often times at first glance a reader might think that certain sentences within a paper are irrelevant to the topic. However, upon further inspection these sentences often play an important part in explaining certain concepts related to the topic. For example, in any essay about music, the topic sentence should clearly state what kind of music is being discussed. This will help readers understand whether specific topics such as classical music or popular music are being considered.

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