Which theme is reflected in this poem by country for a lady I know?

Which theme is reflected in this poem by country for a lady I know?

As a result, we might deduce that the topic depicted in this poem is social class discrimination.

What is the main theme of the poem, "The Cold Within"?

The poem's topic is the dominion of greed, bigotry, and cruelty over human well. Six individuals were stuck in the cold by chance in this poem, and each of them possessed a piece of wood that could have been used as fuel for the passing fire to save each other. Instead, they abused their fellow man simply because he happened to be nearby when help failed to arrive. This shows that even though humanity has progressed beyond hunting animals for food, we are still not far removed from the savage state. If help had come when it was needed, these people would have been saved, but because of their own selfish desires, they lost their lives.

Another theme that can be derived from this poem is that of nature vs. civilization. The six people who were trapped in the ice had no choice other than to sit there and die, since no one came to their aid. Even though they lived in a civilized society, they were still subject to the same evils that plague our world today: greed, prejudice, and violence. These problems exist not only in less developed countries, but also in nations like America that claim to value freedom and justice.

Finally, this poem demonstrates that even though science has made great strides over time, it is still not capable of saving anyone who falls into a river or into icy waters otherwise. People will always need a savior when they face death.

What social issue is being reflected in the poem "I Look at the World?"?

This poem is about segregation and trying to make a difference so that they might have a better life. At first, the speaker in the poem doesn't want to get involved, but later on he does help out an elderly black man with some water.

This poem is also about prejudice because the speaker knows that most people will only help out those who look like them.

Finally, this poem is about equality because the speaker wants to help everyone.

Overall, this poem is about segregation, prejudice, and equality. These are all social issues that the poet was concerned with at the time he wrote this poem.

What is the theme of the poem "Village Song"?

The poem's topic is a contrast between the world of humans, which is full of material pleasures, and the world of nature, which is devoid of them. The tangible world is represented by the Mother. She is described as beautiful, but also cruel and unjust. Humans have no choice but to submit to her will. They can't fight against natural laws; they can only hope that their lives will be better than those of other animals.

The world of nature is represented by the Father. He is just as cruel as the Mother, but he at least gives his children some freedom. Animals of both worlds are able to move from one realm to another. This ability is what allows poets and musicians to express themselves through their works.

Many readers view this poem as a condemnation of human civilization. But this interpretation is wrong. Both the Mother and the Father are seen as negative figures who do much harm in their respective worlds. However, they also have many good qualities too. For example, they both love their offspring even if they cannot control them. They want the best for them even if it means suffering and death. This shows that they are not completely evil.

In conclusion, this poem reveals that the world we live in is full of pain and injustice, but there are also many loving hearts out there.

What is the theme of the poem Cross?

The speaker's inner struggle as a result of his mixed background is the poem's major topic. He doesn't know where he belongs, and he is angry with his parents, but he finally forgives them. It represents the internal agony that racism produces. The poem is about a man who was born into slavery and raised by two slave owners in Virginia. When he comes of age, he is forced to make a choice: stay with his family or go back to slavery. He decides to leave home in search of freedom.

This poem is very important because it shows how people were affected by slavery. Slavery not only deprived individuals of their liberty, but it also took away their dignity. A black person could be bought and sold like an animal because there was no way for them to prove they were human. This poem reminds us that injustice anywhere is bad enough, but injustice against our brothers and sisters is especially hurtful.

Crosses have religious meaning too. They are symbols of the separation of church and state. The poem also alludes to the Crucifixion. Jesus died on a cross at the hands of the government, and the speaker in this poem feels much the same way. His parents wanted him to serve his master until he grew up and then marry someone of his choice, but he wants more for himself. He decides to leave home without knowing what will happen to him.

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