Who, according to the poet, is not capable of loyalty towards his country?

Who, according to the poet, is not capable of loyalty towards his country?

4. Who, according to the poet, is incapable of being devoted to his country? Answer A person who has gone away from his own place and never returned, according to the poet, is incapable of allegiance to his country. This does not mean that it is impossible for any person to be loyal to more than one country at a time. It only means that if you leave your home country you should try to remain true to it even after you have left.

Loyalty is a very important element in friendship. We should learn to trust and be loyal to our friends. Friendship is a beautiful thing but sometimes we need help from outside sources to sustain us through those difficult times in our lives. If someone tries to use our friendship against us, we should keep our distance from them. Only then will they realize how important we are to them and hopefully come back around.

Why is the poet unhappy with such a person?

(a) Why is the poet dissatisfied with such a person? The poet is dissatisfied with someone who is not a patriot since, regardless of titles, position, or fortune, an unpatriotic person is selfish and never thinks about his nation. Despite his money, such a guy will never become renowned. His life will be filled with trouble instead; even if he is king of his country, he will have a miserable life.

(b) Why does the poet despise such people? The poet despises those who are not worthy of respect since they behave like pigs toward their fellows. Such people are lazy and do not want to work for a living; instead, they look for others to blame for their problems. Even if they are presidents or prime ministers, they will always find something wrong with their countries; no matter how rich they may be, they will never be happy.

In addition to these two reasons, there is also a third one: such people are vain. They think too much of themselves and believe that they are important enough to act without regard for consequences. Although they may be kings or presidents, they will still steal and kill if they think it will benefit them in some way.

Finally, there is also a fourth reason: such people are hypocritical. They talk about honor and dignity but behave otherwise.

What characterizes a person who is not patriotic?

Even though he has been all around the world, his heart longs for his birthplace. What characteristics distinguishes a person who is not patriotic? Indeed, patriotism is a form of selflessness since a person cannot be loyal to something that he does not believe in or want for himself.

An unpatriotic person is one who does not love his country. This lack of love can be because he hates it or lives in constant fear of it. An unpatriotic person may even try to find faults with his country or people who work for it so he doesn't have to feel guilty about himself.

Although patriotism is important, it does not mean being blindly devoted to your country. As an individual has different beliefs, opinions, and desires, he should be able to show loyalty to his country while still having freedom of thought and action. Being a patriot does not prevent a person from criticizing his government or expressing opinions other than those held by most of its citizens.

Someone who does not care for his country is an unpatriotic man. He may live there but he would rather not. Such a person may sleep in hotels when traveling here and avoid spending money on entertainment since both are expensive and neither interest him.

What does the poet want for his country and countrymen?

Fearlessness, self-dignity, knowledge, truthfulness, diligence, reason, and a broad intellect are the traits that the poet wishes to see in his people. These characteristics are essential if individuals are to fully appreciate their country's independence. Poetry is an effective medium through which to express ideas and opinions, as well as raise awareness about issues that matter most. Therefore, it is not surprising that many poets have used their talents to protest violence, injustice, and other problems facing their countries.

In addition to writing poems, many poets have used their talents to paint pictures, make music, and write plays. Today, some poets even go so far as to use technology to create new forms of art for social change. For example, rapper Tupac Shakur used his talent for poetry and songwriting to speak out against violence, racism, and other issues that he believed needed to be addressed. He also encouraged others to follow their dreams and not let society tell them what they can and cannot do.

Tupac Shakur was born on January 4th, 1971 in Brooklyn, New York. His mother died when he was only six years old, and he was raised by his father who had many partners. Because of the way his father lived his life, Tupac felt like he didn't have a place in the world.

Why does the poet want freedom for his country?

The poet desires independence for his nation because being free of the constraints of ignorance and narrow-mindedness will propel it to the pinnacle of achievement and allow it to make a name for itself around the globe. Without freedom, his country's people cannot progress, and hence the nation cannot progress. This is why the poet wants freedom for his country.

In today's world, many countries are struggling to find their place in the world economy, which is dominated by the United States and European Union. If these two powerhouses begin to weaken, other countries such as India and China could step up to the plate. However, if these countries remain locked insidetheir own borders, they will never be able to compete with the rest of the world. This is why all human beings need to have freedom so that they can create opportunities for themselves and their countries.

Other benefits of freedom include self-determination and the ability to decide your own future. Every person needs this type of freedom because nobody else can determine what they should do with their lives. No one is born knowing how to write poetry or build cars, but everyone can learn these skills if given the chance. The only thing holding people back from doing so is freedom.

Also, every country needs freedom in order to survive. A country cannot hope to achieve anything important if its people are not free to think and act without fear.

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