Who are some famous people who were bards?

Who are some famous people who were bards?

With the demise of the bardic tradition in the contemporary age, the term "bard" came to describe a well-known author or minstrel. For instance, consider William Shakespeare. He is one of the most important poets in the English language and also functioned as an actor and director during his career. He has been called the Bard for his extensive use of metaphor and poetry in his plays.

Shakespeare's contemporaries often referred to him as a "barrd" (or "barth") because he used his skills as a poet and performer to entertain them at social events, such as masques (an early form of theater production) and jousts (a combat sport).

Other notable bards include Christopher Marlowe, George Byron, John Milton, Oliver Goldsmith, Samuel Johnson, and Edgar Allan Poe.

The term "bard" comes from the Old French word "bardie," which means "to serve as a guide." This origin explains why we sometimes see the term "bardologist" used today to describe someone who studies authors through time. The field of study is called "bardology" and the people who practice it are called "bardists."

As you can see, a bard was once thought to be someone who served as a mentor or advisor to others.

What is an example of Bard?

A bard is an ancient person who writes and signs lyrics about heroes and epic events. A minstrel is a type of bard. One of an ancient Celtic order of minstrel poets who produced and delivered poems commemorating chieftains and heroes' epic achievements. Bards are considered the musicians of mythology. They were often associated with horses for their ability to move rapidly across long distances.

Bards were popular among royalty and common people alike. Some famous bards include Robert Johnson, Harry Dean Stanton, and Jim Morrison. Today, bards still exist in various forms of media including games, movies, and television.

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Is bard a word?

A bard is a professional poet and singer, comparable to the ancient Celts, who composed and... (by extension) were poets. The term comes from the Celtic language, where it means "rhapsode". In English, it has taken on the additional meaning of a minstrel, a person who sings for entertainment.

Bards are sometimes called storytellers because they can recite stories and poems that have been passed down through the generations. But this is not always the case; some bards specialize in creating new material, while others only sing existing songs. Still other bards may call themselves musicians or composers because they play instruments or write music, but they also often include poetry in their sets.

Bards come in many different shapes and sizes. Some travel around with musical groups that perform traditional songs, while others work alone and sell their creations over the internet. No matter what kind of bard you meet, there are several things everyone will share: an interest in music, poetry, and storytelling; a love for learning new songs and poems; and a passion for sharing these talents with others.

Bards have been part of most cultures throughout history, even though they don't like to be called that. They usually prefer the terms poet or reciter.

Who are the bards called by whom?

Because the word "bard" implies "poet," when we refer to Shakespeare as "the Bard," we are effectively referring to him as "the Poet." It's only natural that we name him "the Poet" because centuries upon centuries of poetry fans agree that he's one of the finest poets who has ever lived. The majority of Shakespeare's work was written...

...he wrote about fifteen hundred lines of text which today would make him a prolific writer, but back then it was considered very much so. At least according to Thomas Middleton, editor of The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, "Shakespeare was not only a great poet, but also first among all writers since Homer [and] Virgil."

Indeed, even though he was just one man, his influence on future generations was immense. His works continue to be read and loved by people from all over the world more than three hundred years after his death.

That's why bards have always been important figures in society. They sing songs of love and war, tragedy and comedy. But most importantly they sing of human passions which no other artist can match.

In England, there were two main groups of musicians who played music at courts - harpers and minstrels. Harpers were highly skilled musicians who played musical instruments such as violins, guitars, and lutes.

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