Who are the two men talking with Jesus?

Who are the two men talking with Jesus?

Verse (Click for Chapter) New International Edition Moses and Elijah appeared in splendid magnificence, conversing with Jesus. The Evolution of Living Translation Suddenly, Moses and Elijah arrived and began conversing with Jesus. The Standard English Version And behold, two men, Moses and Elijah, were conversing with him, according to the Berean Study Bible.

The appearance of Moses and Elijah has always been a familiar sight to Jews and Christians alike. The Old Testament tells us that they would talk with God, the Father, on earth through His Son Jesus Christ (see John 1:45). After their departure from this world, they have continued to guide Christians through prayer and prophecy (see Luke 9:10; 11:14).

Moses is considered by many to be the greatest prophet in history, while Elijah is known as one of the most powerful prophets ever lived. They have been praised for their actions during their time on earth, and have been used by God to encourage and strengthen His people throughout the ages.

It is said that when Moses was about to die, he asked that Elijah be sent for so he could pray over him. When Elijah arrived, Moses told him that he was about to be taken away from the world. "But you, go ahead of me," he said. "And when I am gone, if any man will ask you: 'Where is he?' tell them: 'God has raised him up'" (1 Kings 19:3-4).

Who are the two men that appeared to Jesus?

Moses and Elijah appeared in splendid magnificence, conversing with Jesus. They talked about his departure, which he was going to complete in Jerusalem. Peter and his colleagues were drowsy at the time, but when they awoke, they saw his splendour and the two guys standing behind him. Moses and Elijah then told Jesus to give back to his disciples everything he had given him, and also to not be afraid.

Elijah then left him to return to heaven, while Moses remained on earth for another three years before he died.

Now, what do these things mean? First of all, we should understand that Moses and Elijah did not really appear to Jesus, but only his disciples after his resurrection. The Gospels say very clearly that neither prophet is mentioned among the apostles who followed Jesus (see Matthew 10:32; Luke 9:30). This means that they did not live up to their reputation as great prophets of our age.

It is also true that they did not stay very long on Earth. Moses stayed for about 120 years, and Elijah for roughly four years before they left this world. So, in reality, we can say that both of them showed up once and disappeared forever after they had spoken with Jesus.

What's more, they didn't tell him anything new. Jesus knew everything that would happen during his ministry, so there was nothing new for him to learn from Moses or Elijah.

What did Moses and Elijah talk about with Jesus?

His face changed look while praying, and his garments became as dazzling as a flash of lightning. Then they left him.

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Why was Jesus seen talking with Moses and Elijah?

To understand why a glorified Jesus was seen conversing with Moses and Elijah, we must first explore who the people of Judea thought Jesus was. There was widespread confusion about who Jesus truly was. They were searching for a rescuer, a liberator, and Jesus was failing to deliver. However, some Jews did believe he was the Messiah. When Moses and Elijah appeared to him, this group of people took it as evidence that Jesus was close to receiving his kingdom. He was still suffering and dying, but now he was also appearing to others after his death.

These people had rejected Jesus, but he didn't reject them. He was their King, and they were his subjects. Moses and Elijah appeared to them because the Father wanted them to know that the Son is able to save those who believe in him just like he saved them from Egypt. Jesus has authority to give eternal life, so he can certainly give it to people after he dies.

Jesus' appearance to these men after he died shows that he will come back again, this time in glory. His resurrection proved that nothing can stop him from saving those who trust in him, not even death itself.

Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus when he was in Galilee, before he started his public ministry in Judea. He usually traveled around with Joseph and the other disciples, but once in a while they would go to a quiet place where God could speak to him privately.

How did Jesus meet Moses?

According to Matthew 17:2, Jesus "was transfigured before them, his face blazing as the sun, and his robes turning white as the light" after ascending the mountain. The prophet Elijah, representing the prophets, and Moses, representing the Law, emerge at that moment, and Jesus begins to speak to them. This conversation will form the basis for much of what we know about God's plans for his chosen people.

Elijah and Moses had previously appeared to other prophets, most notably to Elisha who was told by both men to anoint King Jehoram of Judah. After this appearance to Elisha, they never again spoke to a human being. It is therefore important to remember that what follows is not a direct conversation between Jesus and either man but rather an exchange between them through Jesus.

Why did Jesus need to meet with Moses and Elijah? Had he not already spoken to them directly? Yes, but only after transforming himself in order to prove his identity to them. They wanted to make sure that he was who he said he was - that he was indeed the Messiah, the Son of David who would overthrow the temple system and liberate Israel.

By meeting with them here on the mountain, Jesus shows that he accepts and acknowledges their role as mediators between God and mankind. He also reveals that he intends to continue this work by establishing his own church after his death and resurrection.

What two prophets visited Jesus?

His face gleamed like the sun, and his garments were a brilliant white. Along with Jesus, Moses and Elijah appeared. Peter offered to construct three makeshift shelters. A dazzling cloud engulfed them, and a voice said, "This is my son, whom I adore; I am very delighted with him." After some time, the three men disappeared into heaven.

Jesus had many visitors in his lifetime, but only two prophets are mentioned by name. The first is Moses, who appears along with Elijah before Jesus' transfiguration. The second is Peter, who dreams that God tells him to build three shelters for Jesus, His Master. When he asks who they are for, the answer is not given. Later, Jesus says that these men will be remembered forever.

Moses was one of the most important people in the history of Israel and in the history of mankind. He was a prophet who led the people out of Egypt and toward their own land. He received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai and laid the foundation for modern law. After leading the people through the Red Sea and across the Jordan River, he was finally killed by King David's soldiers.

Elijah was another important prophet in Israel's history. He was a man of prayer who lived during the reign of Ahab and Jehoram. The Lord used him to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus by performing miracles and speaking words of prophecy.

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