Who are the two speakers in the poem?

Who are the two speakers in the poem?

The poem's speakers are "two speakers: one dead and one living." A.E. Housman's poem "Is My Team Ploughing?" is about a discourse between two friends, one who is dead and the other who is alive and has gone to see him at his grave. The ploughman tells of some of his adventures while working as an ox driver on a farm near Cambridge.

Housman describes himself as "a scholar turned farmer," which means that he was once educated but now works with animals instead. He writes about various topics including poetry and agriculture while living on his family farm in Uppark, West Sussex.

He uses the first person plural when referring to both the living and the dead, which indicates that they share their thoughts.

Here is how the two speakers describe some of the things mentioned in the poem:

The dead man says that he and the living man have shared many an adventure together, starting with their school days when they were best friends. They talk about their families, their hopes and dreams for the future, and even some past mistakes they've made. The living man says that though he's gone home, he'll always be by his friend's side.

Housman ends the poem by saying that nothing can separate them anymore because they're dead.

Who is the speaker of the poem's obituary?

Summary of Obituaries In this poem, the speaker (who might be the poet himself or an invented character) recounts events surrounding his father's death. The poem begins with a brief description of the scene at the time of the accident: "The bell was ringing as he passed by / The church and the village well". Then follows a list of the deceased's friends and acquaintances, most of whom are named. These include two kings, a queen, and several others who were not quite royalty but still important people in their societies.

The poem ends with the comment that "no man can say" how his father will be remembered after his death. However, since the father had been a notable person before his death, it is likely that he will be remembered for some time.

Some critics have interpreted the last line of the poem as a reference to King Edward II of England, who was killed in 1327 during the Battle of Boroughbridge. They claim that the speaker is John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, who was married to Princess Katherine of France. According to this interpretation, the poem could be considered as evidence that Edward II ordered his father's murder.

Who are the two characters in the poem, youth and art?

This poem depicts the story of two artists, one a woman and a singer, the other a man and a sculpture, who lived in opposing garrets during their early days of struggle. The woman was poor and only had enough money to eat once a day while her male counterpart spent all his earnings on food and music.

Their stories show that art is not limited to men, nor can it be done only with money; also, they prove that hunger and passion are the best teachers. Today, these two artists' lives still represent those of many other people: women who work hard at difficult jobs, men who spend all their time drinking beer at the pub.

In addition to this, we can say that the poem describes the beginning of modern art. Before Picasso and Da Vinci, there were many other artists working in different styles. But after them, everything changed and modern art became popular.

Finally, this poem shows that education is very important if you want to be an artist because without it, you cannot hope to earn a living.

Here are some lines from the poem that describe the story of these two young artists: "She was a poor girl, he a genius". "His food consisted of beans, bread and cheese", etc.

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