Who does Poseidon hate?

Who does Poseidon hate?

Poseidon despises Athena completely. Poseidon also dated Medusa at one point (before she was a gorgon, she was a beautiful maiden). So, one night, Poseidon decided to invite Medusa to Athena's Temple for a romantic meal. As soon as they entered the temple, Medusa turned Athena into a deadly snake! Then, Poseidon fell in love with Medusa and made her his bride. Ever since that day, he has been hating women because they hurt him even after he loves them.

Poseidon also hates men because they don't worship him like he deserves. If men were to worship Poseidon like he wants them to, then he will take them out of their suffering. However, most men are too weak to resist temptation from Neptune so they don't deserve his help.

Here is where things get tricky. Women and men both suffer because of their own choices so neither one of them deserves Poseidon's help. Only those who refuse to choose either/or can earn his forgiveness and his protection.

Why do Poseidon and Athena hate each other?

The true reason is that Poseidon raped Medusa in Athena's temple. Poseidon, as lord of the sea, was unable to be punished by Athena, therefore she punished Medusa instead, according to a patriarchal and sexist writer and society. Poseidon despised her for it, and she despised him. They were both powerful gods in their own right, but they could not overcome their differences and remain friends.

Athena created humans with a mixture of blood to prove that she can create life, thus disproving Zeus' statement that he is the only god who creates life. This angered Poseidon who wanted to take over from Zeus as king of the gods, so he attacked Athena but she defeated him in battle. However, after hearing his daughter cry out in pain from being cut by his trident, Poseidon fled in fear because he knew he would be punished if he stayed. Thus ending this fight between two powerful gods.

Did Medusa really love Poseidon?

Medusa, a beautiful mortal, was the exception in the family until she drew Athena's wrath, perhaps owing to her boastfulness or an ill-fated love affair with Poseidon. The goddess transformed Medusa into a monster who could kill with a single glance. Only Athena helped Medusa flee from Poseidon's fury.

Their relationship later became more friendly after Medusa saved Athena's life. However, it is not known if this friendship turned into love between them. Perhaps they just respected and honored each other for who they are rather than loving each other. Maybe someday they will find peace together at Atlantis.

In some versions of the story, it is suggested that Medusa fell in love with Poseidon. This version comes from a Greek myth where Zeus turned Medusa into a monster because she refused to marry him. When Poseidon found out, he challenged Zeus to a race across Europe. The one who reached Asia first would win Medusa's hand in marriage. Since Zeus was already married, this game was used as a pretext for him to get revenge on Poseidon by making his own son, Hades, win Medusa over.

Poseidon won the race but didn't take any action against Zeus. Instead, he went to Europe and met up with Medusa.

Who Hated Poseidon?

Athena and Poseidon didn't get along (which, to be honest, wasn't unusual for the Olympians). They were adversaries. Their war for Athens was one illustration of their animosity. They each want to be the patron deity of the new city.

Poseidon hated Athena. He felt that she had taken his realm by force. As far as he was concerned, this made him just about the most important god in the world. When it came time to select a champion for the Athenian Battle League, Poseidon chose the army led by his son Triton. That should tell you how important he thought this fight was.

Athena didn't like this one bit. She saw it as an insult to choose her enemy's son instead of choosing someone on her own side. So, in revenge, she placed Poseidon's followers under a curse so they would fall into madness during battle. This probably didn't help Poseidon's case at all!

In addition to this war, there were other reasons why Poseidon might have hated Athena. For example, she took his power when she became queen. And finally, she defeated him in battle after many years of conflict. All in all, it can be said that they did not get along.

Why did Medusa kill Poseidon in Percy Jackson's story?

Medusa and Poseidon were previous lovers, according to Annabeth (as recounted in Percy Jackson's Greek Gods). Medusa does not want Percy to suffer because he is Poseidon's son. However, when Percy and his pals decide to battle her, she attacks him and kills him. Later, when Perseus returns to the scene of the crime, he finds only her head.

This is how Annabeth explains it: "Medusa killed Poseidon because they had a child together. When Percy Jackson was born, Medusa couldn't bear the thought that this child might one day be king of the gods so she attacked him. But why would Poseidon leave his son's killer unguarded? Maybe he didn't see him coming."

Also, according to Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, after Medusa killed Poseidon, she became mortal and was turned into stone. She can be found on Mount Etna near where it is said that she used to live before she died.

In conclusion, Medusa killed Poseidon because he was once her lover and father of Percy Jackson. He didn't guard against her attack because he knew she would do it, and then he left her head as proof that she was dead.

Why is Athena scared of Poseidon?

Why is Athena afraid of Poseidon? Because she knew he was second only to Zeus in power, and the fact that he harbored a vendetta against her didn't help matters. He had once before tried to kill her, so she was definitely not looking for a fight if he came after her again.

Athena was one of the twelve Olympians. She was born on Mt. Olympus in Greece; therefore, her name means "the mountain-born one". As with many of the other gods, no real information is known about her background or how she became an Olympian. It is believed that she created herself over time through evolutionizing ideas on best practices for technology and warfare.

In some cultures, it is believed that when deities marry they give up some of their power but gain more responsibility, which is why some religions believe that Athena can be considered as married to Zeus even though she has never taken a husband.

They probably got along fine except when they clashed about something serious. Like most couples, they had their ups and downs but in the end they loved each other very much and were grateful for what they had.

Zeus and Athena both came from noble families and were raised by nymphs who taught them magic and music.

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