Who got the Pulitzer Prize?

Who got the Pulitzer Prize?

Indian journalists, namely Dar Yasin, Mukhtar Khan, and Channi Anand, have been honoured with the 2020 Pulitzer Prize. They were selected for their work documenting Indian Muslims' experiences with religious violence.

The awards are given out annually by Columbia University in New York City to writers, photographers, and artists whose works best represent the quality of journalism produced around the world. The prizes are named after Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911) and his brother Henry Pulitzer (1859-1943), who established the original award in 1895.

They are considered the highest accolade for writers and reporters. The winners are chosen by a jury composed of members of the journalism community. In addition to being honored with a cash prize of $10,000, the three men have been invited to attend a special ceremony on April 2nd at Columbia University.

According to the judges, Indian journalists "have used their platforms to document the violence against India's minority communities, often risking their lives to do so". The three articles that were selected for citation each focused on religious violence in India and used different sources and methods to report on them. Dar Yasin's piece was published by Dawn and documented the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Who won the Pulitzer 2020 in Kashmir?

The 2020 Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism was awarded to Channi Anand, Mukhtar Khan, and Yasin Dar (from left to right). New Delhi, India – Three photojournalists from Jammu and Kashmir have been named Pulitzer Prize winners for 2020. Channi Anand, Mukhtar Khan, and Yasin Dar captured images that conveyed the human cost of India's military campaign against militants in the state.

The prizes are given out annually by Columbia University in New York City for works published in the previous year. This is the 11th time that India has received the award.

Khan, 33, worked as a photographer for The Hindu before being detained under the country's anti-terror law in 2015. He has been released but remains barred from leaving India.

Anand, 35, joined The Indian Express in 2005 after working for several newspapers in his home state of Madhya Pradesh. In 2018, he became the first Indian to win the Press Photographer Association's National Press Photographers Association Award for Long Form Photojournalism.

Dar, 31, is a freelance photographer who lives in Srinagar. His work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, Time, and National Geographic.

What kind of award is the Pulitzer Prize?

The Pulitzer Prize is an award granted in the United States for achievements in newspaper and internet journalism, literature, and musical creation. Some of these excellent, award-winning masterpieces have been adapted for the film. People have been adapting books, plays, musicals, and other works that have won this distinguished prize since it was first granted in 1917. The NBA is well-known. After a three-year fight to gain both players and fans, the competing Basketball Association of America (BAA) and the National Basketball League (NBL) combined to establish the National Basketball Association on this day in 1949. (NBA). The BAA was founded in 1946 to challenge the nine-year-old NBL's predominance. The two leagues had conflicting ownership structures - the BAA had only private companies as investors, while the NBL had large corporations such as General Electric as owners - and they were at odds over how to run their respective sports.

The Pulitzer Prize is named after Joseph Pulitzer, who was an American newspaper publisher who played an important role in promoting awareness of war crimes during World War I. His newspapers often covered such topics extensively and he received hundreds of letters a week from all over the world with stories about people who had been affected by wars or disasters. This effort led to the formation of what is now known as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

In addition to its contribution to journalism, the Pulitzer Prize also aims to "encourage and develop the arts" through its various awards. The prizes are divided into five categories: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, music, and research/scholarship. Each winner is selected by their peers. The president of Columbia University acts as chairman of the board that selects the winners.

So, the Pulitzer Prize is an award given to authors of articles published in newspaper websites.

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