Who is the audience in Annabel Lee?

Who is the audience in Annabel Lee?

Poe's intended audience consisted of well-educated individuals in the United States. Despite the fact that his primary audience was adults in America, his work frequently contained European, romantic, and gothic characteristics because many authors at the time had European schooling.

Poe was a member of the American Romantic school of poetry that began around 1800. Like other poets of this movement, he sought to express the inner emotions of mankind. He believed that true art could affect any audience, no matter how diverse, because it expressed ideas that were universal for all people.

Romanticism was an artistic movement that started in Europe and spread throughout the world. It was a reaction against the rationalism and coldness of Enlightenment thinking. The main protagonists of this movement were artists such as Byron, Goethe, Blake, and Coleridge. They wanted to revive the values that were lost during the Enlightenment period, such as passion, emotion, and spirituality.

Gothic literature is a category of fiction writing that originated in England in the early 18th century. Gothic novels describe imaginary places or events that take place in historical contexts. The word "gothic" comes from the French term d'automne, which means "of autumn," since most stories in this genre are set in fall or winter seasons.

What is the repetition in Annabel Lee?

Poe repeats the sound of the long "e" throughout the poem. In the first stanza, for example, Line 2 finishes with "sea," Line 4 with "Lee," and Line 6 with "me." Poe also strengthens the poem's flow by repeating consonant consonants (alliteration).

Annabel Lee is one of Edgar Allan Poe's most famous poems. It was written in 1849 when he was 26 years old. The poem tells the story of a young woman named Annabel Lee who lives alone on a riverbank. One day she is surprised by a man who says that he has been sent by her father to take care of her. She does not want anyone to know she has been found so she agrees to go with the man. But after they leave the riverbank she decides that she doesn't want to stay with him and tries to run away. However, she is caught by nightfall and because it is Christmas Eve, she cannot be rescued until the morning. When she wakes up, there is no sign of her guardian nor any message from him. This poem can be read as a warning about strangers.

It is believed that Poe wrote this poem while working as an editor at the Baltimore Saturday Visitor. It is only recently that it has become known that Poe wrote several other poems during this time period.

Why is Annabel Lee so famous?

Poe's "Annabel Lee" is "the simplest and purest of his songs," (1) second only to "The Raven" in popularity, and is usually regarded as one of the great English lyric poems. Poe did incorporate true stuff from his personal experience on occasion. For example, he based the character of Virginia on his sister-in-law, who died when Virginia was just a baby.

But most of the material in "Annabel Lee" is fictional, including the setting, which is somewhere between Baltimore and Philadelphia. The poem tells of a young woman named Annabel Lee who is obsessed with her lover, whom she calls "my beautiful one". When Annabel does not return from a fishing trip, her father goes looking for her but cannot find her. So he sends messages to her friends, hoping that someone will tell him where she might be, but no one does. Finally, he gives up hope and prepares to bury his daughter when out of nowhere she reappears and asks him to move to Maryland, where there is a house owned by their family friend, Mr. Mercer. She wants to go home, but her father refuses to let her. As soon as they reach Maryland, Annabel meets a man called Johnny who proves to be her lover's brother. He has come to live with this family while his brother is making a living selling newspapers on the streets of Baltimore. But before long, Johnny decides to join the army and go fight against Mexico!

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