Who is the editor of the Daily Express?

Who is the editor of the Daily Express?

Gary Jones is a British journalist who became the Daily Express's editor in March 2018. He has been with the paper since 2007, when he replaced George Osborne, who had become Chancellor of the Exchequer. Prior to this appointment, Jones was political correspondent for The Sun.

He studied English at Oxford University and later obtained a master's degree in journalism from Cardiff University.

Jones has written for a number of newspapers including The Guardian, The Observer, and The Times. Before joining The Sun, he worked as an assistant editor on the Sunday edition of The Independent.

He is married to Jane, a former deputy editor of The Times, and they have two children.

Jones was born in Hampstead, London, but grew up in South Yorkshire, where his father was working as a miner. He returned to London to study English at Oxford University before going back to South Yorkshire to work as a reporter on a newspaper called The Star.

There he met Sam Wingfield, who owned the paper. When she died, he bought it from her family and transformed it into a profitable business. In 2003, he sold the paper to Richard Attenborough, who ran it until his death in 2015.

Who runs the Daily Express?

It is the flagship publication of Express Newspapers, which is owned by publisher Reach plc and is published in London. Sir Arthur Pearson initially published it as a broadsheet in 1900. The Sunday Express, its sibling publication, was founded in 1918. It had a daily circulation of 315,142 in February 2019.

The Daily Express has a reputation for provocative journalism. It often supports one side of an issue rather than both sides (as objective journalists should do), or makes false claims about matters of public interest or concern. In addition, the paper has been known to fabricate stories; for example, in October 2000 it was forced to print an apology for falsely claiming that then Prime Minister Tony Blair had tried to block the appointment of a judge to the Supreme Court.

Its slogan is "The Daily Express brings you the news that really matters".

It has a large number of readers each day, with around 3 million monthly average website visitors according to Omniture. It also has a large social media following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In November 2015 it was reported that Richard Edmondson, who had been editor since 2008, was being considered for the post of editor-in-chief at The Times newspaper. However, in January 2016 it was announced that he would be leaving his position at the Daily Express to become editor of the Independent on Sunday.

Is Indian Express and New Indian Express different?

The New Indian Express is an Indian English-language broadsheet daily newspaper produced by Express Publications in Chennai. The northern editions, headquartered in Mumbai, kept the Indian Express identity on August 13, 1999, while the southern editions became The New Indian Express. It has won several awards for its journalism.

It has been called "the most respected English newspaper in India" and "the highest-circulation English newspaper in India".

Its readership is estimated to be 20 million per week, making it the largest-selling English newspaper in the country. It also has a presence in several other cities across India.

In 2011, the newspaper launched a new website that features live coverage of news events as well as video clips. The paper has received several awards for its journalism and editing over the years.

Express Publishing's other newspapers include the Tamil-language daily Dinamalar and the Malayalam-language weekly Mathrubhumi. All three are considered national newspapers in their respective languages.

Dinamalar was founded in 1933 by R. Radhakrishnan who also founded the Communist Party of India. He was also one of the first journalists to be killed while working alone on a road near Madurai. The paper is published from the city of Madurai and has offices in several other towns across Tamil Nadu.

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