Who is the speaker in Annabel Lee?

Who is the speaker in Annabel Lee?

The speaker of "Annabel Lee" is the poem's narrator and Annabel's assumed boyfriend. Because the poem is written from the narrator's point of view, we cannot be sure how much of it is true and how much is imagined.

He describes himself as a young man who has never known love or loss, who has never done anything except walk around talking to himself. This self-absorbed young man says he will tell Annabel's story because there is no one else around to do it. He tells us he is tired of living and wishes that she would kill him so he can stop feeling pain.

This narrator is not real. He is an invention of our poet who is writing about someone he imagines to be his girlfriend. The only reason we know this girl is Annabel Lee is because the narrator tells us so. Since the narrator is an imaginary person, he can say whatever he wants. His comments are not real evidence because they could be lies designed to discredit Annabel.

In conclusion, the speaker of "Annabel Lee" is a fictional character created by their poet lover. We know this because he tells us so himself!

How does Annabel Lee feel about the speaker?

Another question is what Annabel Lee thought of the speaker. "Annabel Lee" tells the story of a lovely, heartbreaking memory. The poem's speaker recalls his long-lost love, Annabel Lee. He remembers how much she meant to him and how devastated he was when she left him for another man. Then the speaker asks himself if Annabel Lee still thinks of him sometimes. He hopes that she does and that she is happy with her new life.

The poem ends with the speaker resolving to move on with his life and stop thinking about Annabel Lee every day. Even though he will never forget her, it is time to let her go.

In conclusion, the speaker feels sad that Annabel Lee has forgotten him but she should forget about him now because they were not meant to be together.

What is the persona of the poem Annabel Lee?

Annabel Lee's poem has a lovely melody and rhymes. Poe wrote it in May 1849, the year before his death. It relates the story of two individuals in love: Annabel Lee and the speaker, who is a masculine identity based on the poet himself. This dual relationship gives the work its dramatic quality.

The persona of the poem is the voice that speaks from the page. It is the voice of the poet himself, telling the audience about his beloved Annabel Lee. He starts off by comparing her white hand to a lily, but later mentions other flowers as well. This shows that even though he is talking about his only daughter, she is still alive for him even though they have been separated for several years.

He ends the poem by asking her to marry him, which is something only she could do since he is already married to Death. This shows that even though they are separated, he still loves her deeply and wants to be with her forever.

Thus, the persona of the poem is the poet himself speaking about his beautiful daughter Annabel Lee. She is his only child who lives with her mother in Milledgeville, Georgia. Even though she is gone, he still cares for her because she has inspired this poem which is about love and loss.

What is the deeper meaning of Annabel Lee?

Even the angels in heaven observed and were jealous of their love. Perhaps that was a negative thing, because our speaker blames the angels for his girlfriend's death. He says they caused her to fall from grace by watching them love each other.

This poem is very romantic and bears many similarities to a fairy tale. It has a king who is either a prince or a nobleman, two lovers who lose their lives because of their love, and evil spirits who play tricks on them.

The poem "Annabel Lee" was written by Edgar Allan Poe. He was a famous American author who wrote many poems and stories about ghosts, vampires, and other strange things that go bump in the night. His work is known around the world and has been considered one of the main influences behind the horror genre.

When Edgar Allan Poe wrote "Annabel Lee", he was already a famous poet and writer. He had many successes during his life, but also suffered many failures. When he died at only 40 years old, many people believed that he had killed himself. However, there are those who say that he died from tuberculosis.

Even though he has left us with many amazing poems, "Annabel Lee" is probably his most famous work.

What can you say about the poem by Annabel Lee?

The speaker knew Annabel Lee when she was a little child, and they both lived "in a country by the sea." Despite the fact that they were just youngsters, these two were madly in love. However, nothing could keep them together since Annabel Lee's father did not approve of her marrying someone without money or position. When her father refused to give permission for them to marry, it was too much for Annabel Lee to bear; therefore, she died without ever knowing happiness.

This poem is very famous because it reminds us not to lose hope even when faced with impossible circumstances. Even though Annabel Lee lost her love, she still found joy despite the tragedy that befell her. This shows that even though life may seem unfair at times, there is always hope for happiness later on.

Also, this poem illustrates how people who are deeply in love will always find a way to be together. No matter what obstacles get in their way, they will never give up hope that one day they will be together again.

Finally, this poem demonstrates that no matter how young we were when we first met our loves, we should never forget them. It is important to remember those we have loved and lost so that we do not make the same mistake twice.

What is the central message of Annabel Lee?

The central topic of "Annabel Lee" is love. While they are still young, the narrator falls in love with Annabel "in a country by the sea." However, when she chooses another man over him, he decides to kill himself.

At first, this story seems like a tragedy because we are told that both the narrator and Annabel Lee were beautiful and wonderful people. But then we learn that there was something wrong with the narrator's heart. He was able to see how much Annabel loved another person even though she had chosen her boyfriend over him. This made him so sad that he decided to die.

At the end of the story, the narrator's friend tells him that although death is terrible, it does not have to be forever. So even though "Annabel Lee" appears to be a tragic story, it actually has a happy ending.

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