Who is The Wall Street Journal's target audience?

Who is The Wall Street Journal's target audience?

WSJ.com attracts 42 million digital users every month who are looking for news and information that is important to their professional and personal lives. Approximately 85% of WSJ.com's visitors are in the United States, with the rest coming from around the world.

The Wall Street Journal is known for its quality journalism and business coverage. It often reports on financial markets with a focus on technology companies, investors, and economics. Its website, thewallstreetjournal.com, is an all-digital publication that provides quick access to news articles, daily headlines, interactive maps, blogs, and opinion pieces.

WSJ's target audience consists of executives, professionals, business owners, and investors who want to stay up to date on the latest business news. Since it is widely read by decision makers in various industries, the newspaper has the potential to influence current events and change the course of history.

According to Pew Research Center, women account for nearly half of WSJ's online readership. Additionally, people over the age of 55 make up about one-fifth of its audience. Most newspapers have more male readers than female, but the opposite is true for WSJ. Other publications including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today also receive support from women consumers.

Do you need a subscription to the Wall Street Journal?

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Of course, if you already have a full-price print subscription, you can sign up for a digital subscription instead. But be sure to use the special code "NEWWSJ" during checkout to save 15 percent off your monthly bill.

The Wall Street Journal is known for its quality journalism and this discount subscription package offers unlimited access to the latest news from the United States and around the world. You'll also get exclusive articles from the magazine that aren't available online such as "How Donald Trump's Business Dealings With Russia Have Raised Questions About His Financial Disclosure Report."

How do I read my Wall Street Journal for free?

Request that WSJ subscribers give you article links. If you know someone who is a WSJ subscriber, they can provide you access to the articles. Request that they email you any articles that you'd want to read. You will be able to read the relevant article for free after clicking the link. This method should only be used if you want to read an specific article or section of an article. Generally, reading through the entire article would not be possible without subscribing to the paper.

Another option is to visit websites that post excerpts from the newspaper. These sites often allow you to read selected articles for free. The use of this site should also be limited by article length. You might be able to read an entire article but this would likely not be available through this method.

Yet another option is to sign up for a free trial at one of these website: http://www.wsj.com/access, http://www.nytimes.com/services/firstclass/index.html, or http://www.usatoday.com/news/online/offers/index.htm. Certain articles may be available during the trial period.

When you first go to any of these sites, you will be asked to create a user name and password. It may take a while before your account is approved and you are able to view content. When you do get approved, you will have 30 days to decide whether to continue with the service.

What are the sections of the Wall Street Journal?

WSJ.com, like the newspaper, is divided into three primary sections: Front, Marketplace, and Money & Investing. Each area also has its own front page. You can find out more about these pages by clicking on the links to them below.

Where can I buy the Wall Street Journal weekend edition?

We can provide you with the greatest online pricing for a WSJ Weekend Only membership, a reduction off the price of the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition if purchased from a newsstand.

These memberships are available in paper or digital form and include access to all content on the Web site and mobile apps. They are priced lower than those for the daily edition because they do not contain the front page article nor any other printed material except for an advertisement insert each week.

The digital version cannot be read on tablet computers or smartphones. It's designed specifically for computer screens. You can view it on most devices by clicking here. However, some small fonts and reduced image quality may appear on your device's display screen.

If you want to read the Sunday Journal on-the-go, with no need to connect to a network or download anything, then you can purchase single issues or annual subscriptions. These are available at many locations across the U.S., including airports, grocery stores, and convenience stores. Subscriptions are $14.99 per month or $149.85 annually. The Sunday Journal is not offered at bookstores or other retail outlets.

Single copies are $21.99 for home delivery or $7.99 for direct billing.

Is there a Wall Street Journal channel?

Developer's Channel Description: The Wall Street Journal's WSJ Video brings you inside carefully selected stories and events, allowing you to delve deeper into the news that matters to you. Each day, WSJ Video offers four to five minutes of video from across the web, featuring insiders from various industries providing unique perspectives on what matters right now.

Start your morning with national and world news or explore an issue that concerns you, such as food safety. In addition to covering current events, WSJ Video also features interviews with key figures in politics and business. The channel is updated daily so you won't find the same videos over and over again. However, if there are particular topics that interest you, it may be possible to search by keyword.

WSJ Video is part of the Wall Street Journal website. Otherwise, you'll have to pay annually for this channel.

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