Who is the thee in this poem?

Who is the thee in this poem?

In the poem "Where the mind is without dread," the poet refers to thee as the Almighty. The poet is very spiritual and has a great faith in God. The poet prays to God to lead and reveal his compatriots the right way, as well as to rain his blessings on them. 6th of June, 2018.

Who is being addressed as "thee"?

The poet refers to thee as the Almighty in the verse "Where the mind is without dread." He believes that God is all powerful and nothing can defeat him.

Thou art used in address to a person of dignity or importance. The pronoun thou refers to one individual only, so it is necessary to specify who this person is. Thus, thou means you or I; thee/thine means you or it; thy means you or someone else; theirs means they or something other than you or I. In general, when there is more than one thing or person involved, you need to distinguish between them using different pronouns.

The use of thou comes first in English. Before that time, people just used you or I when addressing each other. Thou was originally used by priests and ministers when speaking to their congregations or clients. As English became popular, thou was adopted by ordinary people too. It is believed that Shakespeare may have been the first writer to use thou in serious literature!

Thou is usually used in writing or formal speeches. You can also use thou in conversations if you want to show respect to someone else. For example, you can say "You should eat healthy foods" instead of "Eat healthy!"

Whom does the poet pray to in this poem? This is my prayer to you?

In this poem, who does the poet pray to? Answer The poet prays to God in this poem. Q. What does he ask God for? A. He asks God to keep his soul safe from sin and danger when he is away at war.

Why does the poet write about God and prayers in this poem? Answer As long as there are wars to be fought and sins to be punished, there will always be need for prayers. So the poet writes about these two things because they are important for people to know about.

What does the poem 'Prayer' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow really mean? Longfellow was a 19th-century American poet who became famous all over the world. In this poem, he has expressed his views on prayer. It is believed that this poem describes what it is like to be at war and how one must trust in God during times of trouble.

Longfellow starts off by saying "I am a weak and faulty creature", which means that he is human like everyone else and not part of the holy spirit. But even though he is human, he believes that God loves him and wants to help him.

Who, according to you, is the speaker in this poem?

1 response (i) The poem's speaker is a young child. He/she was both intrigued and terrified. The creaking sound of hinges at night, as well as the impression that someone is watching at him/her, make the youngster afraid. However, he/she also finds it exciting to know that there's someone else in the house.

The child is probably my mother. We had a family friend named Mr. Green who used to visit us all the time. One day my mom went out to get something from his car and didn't return for about an hour. When she did return, she told us that she had seen Mr. Green inside our home. She said that he had been looking at her through a window and when she looked back he was gone. From then on, we called our house my "witchy house".

I think the child is expressing his/her feelings towards this experience in the form of poetry.

2 responses (a) The poem's speaker is a young boy who lives in a witchy house. He finds it fascinating and terrifying at the same time. There's someone else in the house - maybe not a ghost but someone who wants to scare him.

He expresses his feelings towards this experience in the form of poetry.

Who all accompanied the poet on this journey?

The poet is feeling lonely as he travels alone because no one has joined him. So he asks God to help him find some people to travel with him. God sends an angel who shows up just in time to join him on his trip.

Now, who did God send?

God sent me! This shows that even though the world may seem cold and empty without someone to share it with, God still cares enough for us to want us to have a friend to travel with. God wants us to feel loved and accepted no matter what we do or don't have. He always wants us to know that we are not alone in this world.

So my friends, never let anyone tell you that you're too young to make friends. They are never too young, and they will always be there for them. As long as there is love between two people, then there's no reason why they should ever be alone again.

If you want others to like you, give them reasons to. You can never get credit for being kind unless you are kind. Show kindness always, and you will receive more kindness in return. Make other people feel important by acknowledging them when they talk to you.

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