Who said, Be Kind, Be Kind, Be Kind?

Who said, Be Kind, Be Kind, Be Kind?

'Henry James The author Henry James is credited with one of the most famous statements about kindness on the Internet: "Three things in human existence are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind."'

'It's a quotation from an essay by Henry James (1843-1916), an American writer. It's usually attributed to him because it has been popularized through the Internet. However, there is some debate over whether it should be attributed to him because some historians believe that he never wrote anything like this.

'The full text of his work does not include a statement matching this one. However, several of his writings do include lines similar to this one. For example, in a letter to his mother dated October 31, 1856, he writes, "I think I was right in saying that three things in life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind."'

'In another letter written eight years later, on January 17, 1964, James again states that kindness is important. This time he writes, "I think I was right in saying that three things in life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind."'

Who said being kind is more important than being right?

F. Scott Fitzgerald, "To be nice is more essential than to be correct," said F. Scott Fitzgerald. Being correct is important, but it isn't vital. Being kind is vital; it is essential. Without kindness, accuracy is meaningless.

Being correct means following a set of rules or guidelines. It doesn't mean being hurtful or insulting. Knowing the correct way to do something helps others if you are giving advice, for example.

Being kind means caring about other people and wanting what's best for them. It includes thinking about other people when you make decisions. Being kind is necessary because without it, people will not trust you or believe your advice. They will only trust people they feel sorry for or who beat up their friends - people who are cruel.

It is better to be wrong with courtesy than right with rudeness. Courtesy allows people to make mistakes without harming others. It shows that you respect them enough to give them room when you're trying something new or when you don't know everything. Also, by being courteous you show those around you that you care about them even though you may disagree with them. Finally, being courteous makes people like you and want to help you succeed.

Who was the author of being kinder than necessary?

"Be gentler than necessary," advised Peter Pan author James M. Barrie. But that's where his advise ends. "Be nice, for everyone you encounter is waging a hard war," Plato is recorded as saying. Whoever pulled these two together made a more meaningful and striking statement.

Briar E. Rose was an American psychologist who has been called the father of kindness research. In his book "The Psychology of Being Nice", he summarized what he had learned during his decades-long career studying morality. He wrote that people are generally kind because it costs them nothing and may even help others. The key to being more kind than necessary is to start with small acts that will have big effects. For example, dropping off food at a homeless shelter or volunteering to work on a political campaign are both great ways to show that you care about someone else while also making yourself feel good.

Now back to Peter Pan. He was a fictional character created by James M. Barrie. In addition to being an author, Barrie was also a playwright and stage actor. He first came up with the idea for Peter Pan when he was acting in a play called "When You Wish Upon A Star". The script called for him to say some lines about pirates but instead he told the audience about children who went away to adventure.

Who said to be kinder than necessary?

Barrie, J.M. Always attempt to be a bit gentler than is absolutely required. J.M. Barrie's amazing message about the importance of compassion. Kindness Is A Powerful Weapon.

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