Who said emptier vessels make more noise?

Who said emptier vessels make more noise?

Plato: Forbes Quotes. Empty containers produce the loudest sounds.

This famous quote was written by Plato in 427 B.C. He was commenting on how deaf people were becoming due to the constant firing of weapons during war times. Even though these weapons made only a low sound, they still caused damage over time. As a result, many people lost their hearing.

The statement is based on how objects vibrate when they are struck by another object. If there is no material inside the container, then it will be empty and therefore not affect the vibration of the object. However, if it is full of material, then this will add weight to the object and thus force it to vibrate more strongly when it is hit.

People have used this idea behind the question to explain why some noises are louder than others. If something makes a loud noise, it must be full of energy which it releases when it's broken. If something makes a quiet noise, it must be empty and therefore lack energy which it can't release until it hits something else!

A similar idea is used by physicists when they say that loud things are heavy.

Why do empty vessels make more noise than filled ones?

Because the air molecules in an empty vessel have more amplitude and hence greater intensity than the liquid molecules in a filled vessel, an empty vessel creates a louder sound than a filled vessel. As the liquid level decreases in a filled vessel, its weight causes the bottom to collapse under its own weight. This creates a peak of pressure at the bottom of the vessel, which travels up the side of the vessel as a wave called a "bob". The bob reaches a maximum height near the top of the vessel and then starts to decline. As it does so, it releases some of its energy as sound.

This is why an empty wine bottle makes more noise when hit with a hammer than a full one. The explosion of gas bubbles inside the bottle during opening/ closing damages the glass and increases the surface area of the container, allowing more oxygen into the body of the wine. This will cause it to oxidize faster (turning from wine to vinegar) if it has been sitting on the counter for awhile. However, if you are careful not to break the bottles' necks when you open them, they will still make some noise even after they have been partially emptied.

The noise made by a filled vessel is called the "chime" and the noise made by an empty one is called the "soundpost" chime.

Why do you say safe and sound?

This proverb derives from British history; because we are an island, ships and the navy have always been vital to us. When a ship is described as "sound," it indicates it has no leaks. So, being safe and sound implies being in a port with no damage to the ship, which is a welcome respite after a harrowing trip.

Also, safe and sound is used to describe people who are not injured. This phrase is used in reference to those who have made it through unharmed from a dangerous situation or experience.

Finally, this expression means that something is done so successfully that there was no need for help. For example, if you ask someone who does safe and sound activities how he/she is doing, they will answer you by saying "I'm safe and sound."

In conclusion, safe and sound means successful without problems.

What does the speaker hope to achieve while floating the paper boats?

The speaker hoped that the boats will be able to go for a long time without shrinking in water. This would prove that wood is an excellent material for boats because it can be dried out and used over and over again.

In conclusion, this activity shows that wood is a useful material to work with; it can be carved into various shapes and used for different purposes.

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