Who said he was not of a certain age but for all time?

Who said he was not of a certain age but for all time?

Ben Jonson, Shakespeare's good friend and fellow writer, wrote these words of appreciation, which are possibly the most renowned ever written about Shakespeare. He called him "the English Virgil" -- a reference to the poet who died in 19 B.C., just as Italy was being put under Roman rule.

Shakespeare was only forty years old when he died. But because he had three children with his wife, he lived until almost fifty. His death was due to tuberculosis. However, there are other theories about his cause of death too. Some say it was poison, while others say it was simply age. But whatever the case may be, he has remained the greatest actor of all time.

How old was Edmund Kean when he died?

Edmund Kean (born March 17, 1789 in London, England—died May 15, 1833 in London) was a volatile talent known as much for his megalomania and ungovernable behavior as for his performances of villains in Shakespearean tragedies.

He began his career at a very young age when he appeared in stock companies throughout Britain. At the age of 26, he made his debut on the English stage in John Kemble's production of Hamlet. He created more than 100 roles during his career and is regarded by many critics as the greatest British villain of all time.

Kean suffered from depression most of his life and spent time in psychiatric hospitals. On May 15, 1833, he took an overdose of strychnine to end his suffering. He was 42 years old.

His body was buried in Brompton Cemetery in London. In 1883, his remains were moved to St. Mary's Church in Brompton. This church was being rebuilt at the time and had to be closed while it was being renovated. When it reopened in 1884, there was no room for more than 200 people inside so some of Kean's bones are now in the chapel of Kean's house in Brompton. His skull is preserved in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow.

Who wrote the Age of Reason?

The Age of Reason/Authors, Thomas Paine.

Summary, the book was written by Thomas Paine as an attempt to justify the French Revolution. It is considered one of the most important books of all time and has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

Thomas Paine was an English political activist who became famous for writing The Rights of Man, a treatise on government that had a major impact on the French Revolution. He also wrote Common Sense, a pamphlet that argued for the independence of America from Britain.

Paine started writing The Age of Reason in 1794 but didn't finish it until 1796. It took him seven years to write because of his busy schedule as an activist. The book tries to explain why people should not believe in a god based on human reason alone. It also discusses other topics such as politics, society, and science.

Thomas Jefferson called The Age of Reason "one of the most extraordinary productions of the human mind." Benjamin Franklin called it "a very valuable piece of work" and "an easy read for anyone who has an appetite for logic."

Who said Lincoln has passed into history?

Lincoln's secretary, John Hay, who was near Lincoln's deathbed on April 15, 1865, remembered the conventional version of Edwin M. Stanton's quote—"Now he belongs to the ages." That remark appeared in a book about Lincoln written by Hay and John G. Nicolay in 1890, and it was popularized by Ida M. Tarbell in her book Lincolns' Legacy in 1919. In 1960, another writer added a sentence to Tarbell's text to make it seem as if Lincoln had been quoted as saying: "Now he _is_ to the ages." This second version is now the one most often cited.

There are many other statements attributed to Lincoln.

How old was King Alfred when he started writing?

He worked for two publications: The Mirror of Parliament, where he started writing when he was sixteen, and The Morning Chronicle, where he began his creative writing. What actors and actresses starred in the 2003 film "Writing Through"?

Penelope Cruz, Marlon Brando, and Antonio Banderas appeared in this film about a young writer who takes a job as editor of a small newspaper in Spain during the 1980s. When he discovers that his boss is actually planning to sell the paper, he decides to write an editorial advocating its destruction instead.

Writing Through was also featured in the 2005 film shortlist "The Last Movie Star". This movie tells the story of Mickey Rooney, who had more than one hundred different movies released under his name between 1946 and 1960. He also appeared in Some Like It Hot and Breakfast at Tiffany's among others.

Mickey Rooney was eighty-one years old when he died in 2019.

King Alfred II was eighteen years old when he became king of Wessex after the death of his father, King Alfred I. He ruled until 1699, when he too died. He managed to unite most of England under one government for the first time since the Romans left.

Writing Through was published in 2004 and is by John Rogers.

How old was James Moffatt when he died?

Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our professional network to earn worldwide exposure for your work! James Moffatt (born July 4, 1870 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland—died June 27, 1944 in New York, New York, United States), Scottish biblical scholar and translator who created one of the most well-known contemporary translations of the Bible. He is best known for his translation of the New Testament into English.

Moffatt studied at the Free Church College in Edinburgh before going on to take a degree in theology at the University of Aberdeen. He then spent several years as a pastor in Canada before returning to Britain as director of studies at Tyndale House Institute of Education in Sheffield. In 1925, Moffatt was appointed professor of New Testament language and literature at Cambridge University, a position he held until his death in 1944. His wife, Alice, also worked at Cambridge, where she served as head of department from 1932 to 1945. They had three children: Elizabeth, John, and Margaret.

Moffatt is regarded as one of the founders of modern biblical scholarship. He is particularly noted for his translation of the New Testament into English, which has been published in eight editions since its release in 1933. This version is now commonly used by many Christians around the world because it simplifies the grammar while still maintaining accuracy in rendering the original Greek text.

Moffatt died at the age of 70 after suffering from cancer for several months.

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