Who said live for today for tomorrow you may die?

Who said live for today for tomorrow you may die?

Mr. Alan Furst Alan Furst once said, "Live today, because tomorrow we die." This quote illustrates that it is important to live each day as fully and as joyfully as possible, because one day you will be gone forever.

The world will end on a Saturday. According to the Mayan calendar, the world will end on December 21, 2012. However, this isn't their only prediction of doom. The Mayans also predicted that the world would end in A.D. 3113. They were almost right! The world did end then, but not because of the Mayans this time. It's because of human beings that the world has ended before. It seems like people are determined to find ways to kill themselves off no matter how old they are or how long they have lived so far.

People often say that you should live each day as if it was your last because one day you will be gone forever. The truth is, the more you live each day as if it were your last, the more normal life will seem to you and the less you will want to kill yourself.

If you're thinking about killing yourself, please ask someone for help first.

Did Gandhi say to live as if you were to die tomorrow?

"Live as if you were going to die tomorrow," said Mahatma Gandhi. "Act as if you were going to live forever."

Gandhi's words are more than just simple advice, they're an expression of his philosophy of non-violence. By living in the present moment and doing one's best every day, one can only increase one's chances of being happy later in life.

Gandhi was born on 2 April 1869 in India and died on 30 January 1948 in New Delhi. He was the leader of India from 1930 until his death. Under his guidance, India became a modern country with its own government and economy.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 for his work towards peace between nations.

Gandhi was deeply concerned about the future welfare of his family after his death. So he wrote a series of letters to them when he was alive but none has been found dated after 1920. This made his wife, Mother Teresa, believe that her husband had stopped writing because he had given up hope of seeing them again.

What happens if I die tomorrow?

Quotes From "If I Die Tomorrow"

  • “Live today, for tomorrow we die.” —
  • “Tomorrow let us do or die!” —
  • “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow.”
  • “If I know I will die tomorrow, I can still learn something tonight.”
  • “If I died tomorrow, I would be a happy girl.” —

Who said, live for today and let tomorrow come later?

Michele once said, "Live for today and let tomorrow arrive later." These words were spoken by the famous Italian writer, Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Garibaldi was an important figure in the unification of Italy. He was a military hero who fought against occupying forces in several campaigns before settling down in America where he worked as an agriculturalist. He died in 1922 at the age of 63.

What is this saying about living life day by day and letting tomorrow take care of itself?

It's a belief that you should enjoy your life while you can because one day you will die. You shouldn't worry about future events but rather focus on what you have now because someday you will be gone.

People used to believe that after you died you went to heaven or hell based on your actions while alive. But today we know that this isn't true because Garibaldi also believed in this theory too. The difference between him and most people today is that he lived his life according to this belief system by enjoying it while he could instead of focusing on future events.

What does "today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday" mean?

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Did Mahatma Gandhi say Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.?

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes Live your life as though you were going to die tomorrow. Learn as though you were going to live indefinitely. - Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi lived his philosophy every day of his life. He never talked about it but he always acted according to it. He used to say that one should live their religion and not merely believe in it. This quote of his shows that he wanted us to act upon what we believe in. It's very important to follow your heart because only then will you be able to achieve something great.

Gandhi got injured at the age of 33 while working as a lawyer in South Africa. The injury forced him to quit his job and return home. In India at that time, this was a big deal because lawyers are very important people so when they leave their career, it creates lots of problems for the country. However, despite of being seriously injured, he didn't take off his clothes nor did he have any surgery done on him. Instead, he spent all his time reading books and writing letters.

Gandhi also wrote many articles during this time which exposed the evils of slavery and fought against British rule. In 1900, he founded the "Non-Violent Resistance Movement" or "NRRM" for short.

What I will be tomorrow is determined by what I think today.?

Your life today is the outcome of your thoughts from yesterday. "What you believe today will influence your life tomorrow." This is an ancient proverb that still holds true today. Whether you know it or not, everything you do affects your future.

For example, if you believe you are destined to fail at life, then you have only one possible outcome: failure. But if you believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to, then you begin to open up new possibilities for yourself. You start to believe in yourself more and this fuels a strong desire to succeed. Eventually, you learn how to turn your dreams into reality and live out every day of your life as if it was your last.

Our minds are powerful tools that can be used for good or bad. The way you think determines the kind of person you become. So take care who you listen to, watch and read. If someone makes you feel small or guilty for getting off track from their lifestyle, then they have wronged you and should not be listened to.

However, if you find someone who inspires you to be better than you are now, to reach for the stars, to not give up even when things get tough, then they will always have a place in your heart.

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