Who saved Milton?

Who saved Milton?

John Milton is most known today for his epic poem Paradise Destroyed, which was nearly lost owing to the reason of Milton's renown (or notoriety) in 1660: his work composing Commonwealth defenses against Royalist attacks. However, before that he had been working on another poetic project called Areopagitica that argued for free speech regarding religion in Parliament. Areopagitica was published in 1644 but was banned by law and burned by the public. Despite this, it was an immediate success and helped launch Milton into fame.

Milton was born on August 24th, 1572 into a wealthy family living in London. He entered Cambridge University at the age of 18 where he became acquainted with John Donne, George Herbert, and other poets who were members of the English Church community there. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in 1595, he went on to receive a master's two years later from Sidney Sussex College. In 1602, he married Katherine Henslow; together they would have three children.

In 1624, King James I of England died without a son who could have inherited the throne. The next year, Charles I succeeded to the throne. Unlike his father, Charles was a strong supporter of the Church of England and tried to force other religions out of Britain.

How is Milton an epic poet?

John Milton is well known for Paradise Lost, widely considered to be the finest epic poem ever written in English. It established his status as one of the greatest English authors, along with Paradise Regained. He argued for the elimination of the Church of England in his written works. This made him unpopular with the establishment at the time and led to his exile by King Charles I. However, he later became accepted by literary critics and historians.

Milton's early life is not well documented but it is known that he was born on August 5, 1608, in London, the son of Thomas Milton and Katherine Hawtrey. Little is known about his father except that he was a wealthy cloth merchant who served as mayor of London three times. His mother was from a family of yeomen farmers; she died when Milton was eight years old. He had two older sisters: Mary who was five years older than he was and Elizabeth who was three years older than he was. His parents married without permission from the church authorities because they were poor farmers who could not afford to pay for a wedding ceremony or reception.

At the age of 13, after losing both of his parents, he was taken in in in the home of his uncle, John Milton, who adopted him. He attended Cambridge University but left without taking a degree. During this time, he published several poems which gained him recognition among other writers.

Who addresses Milton in the poem?

The poem is written in the second person and is addressed to the late poet John Milton, who lived between 1608 and 1674 and is best known for his work Paradise Lost. The poem has two aims, one of which is to pay honor to Milton by claiming that his nobility and goodness may redeem all of England. The other aim is to present a vision of hell as a place where those who die without faith in Jesus will be punished forever.

Milton was born into a wealthy family who had strong connections with the English government, most notably as members of Parliament. His parents were disappointed when he refused to follow their wishes and enter the church, so they sent him to Oxford University to study theology. However, Milton became interested in poetry instead and left university without taking a degree. He traveled around Europe writing poems that were then published in books together with drawings by his friend William Blake. In 1651, Milton returned to England and joined the army in defense of its government during the Civil War. After the war ended, he became associated with the group of politicians who opposed King Charles I's daughter Queen Elizabeth I and her husband Prince Rupert of Britain. They believed that a pure monarchy could not exist and tried to bring about democracy in England. In 1667, the group was convicted of high treason and executed, including Milton who was aged 60.

After Milton died, his wife removed all of his papers from their home and stored them away in a chest.

What is John Milton’s most famous work?

He wrote at a period of theological and political unrest, and he is best known for his epic poem Paradise Lost (1667). Paradise Lost, written in blank verse, is usually regarded as one of the finest masterpieces of literature ever written.

John Milton
Notable worksParadise Lost Areopagitica

Is John Milton blind?

Although John Milton (1608–1644) is often recognized as the finest poet of his day, he did not write his most renowned masterpiece, Paradise Lost, until he had gone blind in both eyes. He was only forty years old.

Milton's blindness may have been caused by smallpox or syphilis. His poems reveal that he suffered from migraine headaches throughout his life. These conditions can lead to blindness if a person is not treated for them.

Milton was born on September 22, 1608, in London, England. He was one of eight children born to Robert Milton and Elizabeth Hales. His father was a wealthy wool merchant who owned land all over Europe. When he died when John was eleven years old, his mother took him and his siblings to live with her family in London. There, under the guardianship of two uncles, he was educated at Cambridge University.

At age twenty-one, still a student at Cambridge, he married Katherine Hawtrey, the daughter of a wealthy widow. The couple had three children. In 1639, after graduating from Cambridge, Milton began work as an attorney but soon gave up this career to pursue poetry. In 1645, shortly before his death, he published Areopagitica, a speech delivered to the Parliament of England defending free speech.

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