Who was the composer of the Marseillaise song?

Who was the composer of the Marseillaise song?

The Marseillaise was a patriotic song written by Roget de LiIsle. France was undergoing a revolution. King Louis XVI of France made a secret arrangement with King Frederick II of Prussia. The two countries agreed that if either king were to be killed, the other country would support his son as king. The agreement was discovered and it broke down. After this defeat, de l'Isle wrote his song "La Marseillaise". It became an official national anthem on 26 February 1791.

What was Marseillaise class 9th?

The Marseillaise was a patriotic song written by Roget de L'Isle. The Marseillaise was thus named after the volunteers from Marseilles who sang it for the first time as they marched into Paris. The Marseillaise is currently France's national anthem. It has been called "the most popular song in the world."

The song has been translated into many languages, including English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. It is also popular in Canada, Latin America, and beyond.

In order to show their support for the Revolution, several musicians wrote new versions of the old songs. The best-known of these compositions is "La Marseillaise," which has become the official anthem of France. "Marseillaise" means "from Marseilles" in French. The music was written by Michel Chapuysate while the text was adapted from various sources including Thomas Paine's The Rights of Man. The original version was first sung on March 15, 1792, at the Feast of the Supreme Being in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Today it is often sung during military ceremonies throughout France.

The song has been used as inspiration for other songs such as "The Wartime Anthem" by John Philip Sousa and "Dawning of Liberty" by Louis Graber.

When was La Marseillaise declared the National Song of France?

The French named La Marseillaise the national anthem on July 14, 1795. The tone of La Marseillaise is quite innovative. Rouget de Lisle himself backed the monarchy, but the song's spirit was immediately adopted by revolutionaries. It has been the official national anthem since April 7, 1879.

The poem was first set to music by Rouget de Lisle. It was later revised by two other composers: Nicolas Dalayrac and Michel W(ilhelm) Walter. These three men are called "the fathers of the French national anthem."

La Marseillaise came into its own when it was used as a revolutionary anthem. It is reported that during the revolution, people would sing it in front of the king's palace to show their support for the uprising.

After the revolution, the new government decided to adopt a national anthem. They chose La Marseillaise because they believed it showed the spirit of the revolution. Also, the president at the time, Louis XVIII, was born in Austria, which means he was a foreigner in France. By adopting a patriotic song, they were showing their support for the country's culture and identity.

Today, everyone knows La Marseillaise. But before it became the national anthem, it was actually banned for several years after the revolution.

What was the Marseillaise 1 point?

France's national anthem is "La Marseillaise." The song was written in 1792 in Strasbourg by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle following France's declaration of war against Austria, and was originally named "Chant de guerre pour l'Armee du Rhin." It was later set to music by Jean-Marie Leclair.

The first verse of the Marseillaise reads as follows:

A mighty nation, we are free; Our hearts are proud and strong; We work, we fight, we win or we die. In honor of its heroes we sing: Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory!

May God preserve our noble country, La belle France.

We love her with all our heart; She loves us too, yes, truly. For the whole world has heard us say: Long live la belle France!

If you know any other verses, please add them in the comments section below!

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