Who was the war photographer written about?

Who was the war photographer written about?

Duffy was inspired to compose this poem after meeting a combat photographer. She was particularly struck by the unusual problem that these people confront, as their profession compels them to capture dreadful, horrific incidents without being able to actively assist their patients.

The war photographer is one of several figures who appear in Duffy's poems; others include Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Romeo and Juliet. The war photographer is mentioned in "The Cure at Louvain", published in 1917.

Duffy wrote several novels during her lifetime. Although she preferred not to be categorized as a writer, they were widely read and admired during her lifetime. In addition to the poetry and short stories, she also wrote two children's books: Jack London, American Writer (1909) and The Story of Louisa May Alcott (1916).

Duffy died on November 1, 1923 at the age of 48. She is buried in the Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland.

In conclusion, Ethel Duffy was an American poet whose work appeared in magazines and journals such as Harper's Bazaar, Scribner's, and The Century Magazine. Her poems are known for their innovative use of language and imagery. They deal with various subjects including nature, women's rights, society, and love.

Why is the character of the war photographer so important?

Duffy's poem is on how we deal with the pain of those who are far away. It takes a war photographer to depict someone more devoted and passionate than we are. Duffy seemed to respect the photographer while criticizing the rest of us. The poem is vehemently anti-war. But it's also pro-recovery, because everyone needs help dealing with loss.

The character of the war photographer is important because he or she is a mirror that shows us our own dark sides. We want to be strong and not show weakness, but sometimes we need someone to reveal this truth for us. The photographer can tell us what we're really thinking and feeling even if we don't want to admit it.

Also, the character of the photographer is important because they show us how others have suffered. We can see themselves in the photos and this helps us understand why they went back time and time again. Even though these people are dead, their images still have the power to hurt us. But then again, this is true for all forms of art; music, writing, painting... everything has the ability to affect us if used properly.

And lastly, the character of the photographer is important because they teach us about loss. Everyone loses people they love, and by showing us how they've dealt with this tragedy, the photographer is helping us process our own grief.

What is the writer's message in War Photographer?

The poet is speaking from experience when he writes about "the scars that no one sees." He has been through wars himself and knows what violence can do to its victims. Yet, he still loves his country. That's why he wants to show the world what is happening here by making photographs. Even though he knows they will be used against us, the poet continues to document what he sees because he believes it is important for history to know about these times.

Duffy uses photography as a way to communicate the reality of war. By showing us pictures of dead bodies, he tries to make us feel what it's like on the ground during battles. Through his work, the poet hopes to stop people from going out and fighting wars again.

In conclusion, the writer and the photographer both want to tell us something but using different methods. The writer wants to get across a message while the photographer shows us real events that happen during wars.

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