Who were two famous Puritan writers?

Who were two famous Puritan writers?

There were several notable Puritan authors of the time. John Milton, Anne Bradstreet, Cotton Mather, and William Bradford are among the more well-known.

Bradford was the first governor of Plymouth Colony. He is considered by many to be one of the founders of Massachusetts. Bradford wrote a history of the colony called "The Virginian Voyage or A New World Record." This book is considered by some to be one of the first works of American literature.

Mather was an important leader in the Church of England during the Great Migration. His most famous work is "God's Providence Protecting and Guiding All Things for the Good of Those That Love Him."

Milton was an English poet who is regarded as one of the founders of modernism. His major work is "Paradise Lost," which is considered to be one of the greatest epic poems of all time.

Anne Bradstreet was a colonial American writer, editor, and nurse. She is best known for her journal which contains detailed observations about her life in Boston with her husband and children. The journal has been credited with inspiring others to grow their own food and raise animals. It also contains descriptions of Native Americans that show how she felt about living in America.

What was the purpose of Puritan literature?

Puritanism literature was distinguished by a religious focus and a straightforward literary style. In this lesson, you'll study more about the Puritan literary movement and see examples of period writers. Then, you will learn about the purposes of Puritan literature.

Literature is the written expression of an idea or concept. Literature comes in many forms including poems, stories, essays, and plays. The act of writing down these expressions allows people from all over the world to benefit from what someone has to say.

The Bible is considered the greatest work of literature in the English language. The New Testament contains the story of Jesus' life as well as the teachings of his disciples. The Old Testament is full of great poetry and novels such as The Iliad and The Odyssey. Literature is used by authors who want to express ideas and concepts that cannot be expressed through mere speech alone. For example, an author may want to show the consequences of something- whether good or bad- so others can understand it better. Or, an author may want to entertain readers with stories that teach them valuable lessons about life.

During the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, more attention was paid to artistic creation rather than religion. This led to a decline in interest in religious writings. But, after the American Revolution, religion again became important to society.

When was the Puritan literary period?

Puritans and the Colonial Era (Literature before Revolution, 1620-1775) puritans wrote poetry, fiction, and essays. Many of the writers were also involved in politics or religion. They included John Cotton, William Perkins, Richard Baxter, George Bishop, and Anne Bradstreet.

The Puritan Literary Period ended with the American Revolution. But many of the ideas and themes introduced during this time continued to have an impact on literature well into the 19th century. For example, Thomas Paine's Common Sense (1776) and Joseph Addison's Spectator (1693-1710) are important examples of journalism. Also important is Samuel Johnson's Dictionary (1755), Alexander Pope's The Art of War (1738), Edward Young's Night Thoughts (1742-1743), and Lord Byron's Don Juan (1819-1824).

After the American Revolution, a new genre of literature emerged called the "Anglo-American novel". This type of story is usually set in either England or America and often comments on society in some way. Some examples include: Henry David Thoreau's Walden; Washington Irving's Legend of Sleepy Hollow; and Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter.

What were the Puritans writing about?

The Puritans' everyday life were heavily influenced by the Bible. Families went to church on a regular basis and read the Bible in their homes. Because of this impact, much Puritan literature is based on Bible styles. The Puritans also wrote poetry and prose stories. These writings are called "sermons" because they often used language that was simple but profound, helping readers understand God's word.

Puritan literature deals with many different subjects including theology, history, biographies, poems, and novels. Some examples of famous writers include John Cotton (c. 1585-1652), Richard Baxter (1615-1691), and Samuel Danforth (1595-1675).

The Puritans established the colonies of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. They also played an important role in the founding of New Hampshire. Although they had come from England to escape religious persecution, the Puritans brought that same spirit with them when they came to America. It is said that all Americans are of English descent either directly or indirectly through these pioneers.

In conclusion, Puritan literature is written by those who lived during a time of great change in Europe. The writings deal with various topics from religion to government to daily life. This shows that the authors were interested in everything about their society.

How was Anne Bradstreet different from other Puritan writers?

In her writing, Anne Bradstreet stressed Puritan values; nonetheless, a divergence from Puritan standards toward her personal perspectives is notable. Bradstreet is an excellent Puritan poet from colonial American literature since she was the colony's first female poet. Her poems express strong beliefs in God and religion and celebrate American nature.

Bradstreet was born on 4 April 1612 in Southtown (now South Boston), Massachusetts. She was the second child of John Bradstreet, who served as governor of Massachusetts from 1694 to 1702, and his wife Abigail Winthrop. Her father was a successful merchant and investor who owned more than 20 houses in Boston. He also served as town selectman for twenty years and as deputy to the General Court (the colonial legislature) twice.

Anne married Joseph Dudley, son of William Dudley, the English ambassador to the Netherlands. The couple had three children: Abigail, who died in infancy; Mary, who became a nun at Greenwich Parish Church in London; and John, who followed in his father's footsteps and served as governor of Massachusetts from 1710 to 1711.

Anne died in 1672 at the age of thirty-nine. But her work continues to be read today especially among students of American poetry.

Bradstreet published four volumes of poems during her lifetime. They were all well received by readers and critics alike.

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