Who wrote "Good Morning" from "Singin in the Rain"?

Who wrote "Good Morning" from "Singin in the Rain"?

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The song was written by B. Gershwin for his sister, Georgia O'Keeffe. She did not like it at first but later on she changed her mind and they became good friends. George wanted to marry her but she refused him flatly. Maybe next time...

In 1950, Judy Garland recorded the song for an album called "Judy Garland's Greatest Hits". The recording is now out of print.

Here is how the song is performed by Judy Garland:

Film clip of Garland performing "Good Morning" from "Singin' in the Rain" (1952).

Garland's recording of "Good Morning" was also used as the theme song for the short-lived 1954 television series About Mrs. Leslie, starring Shirley Booth. It also served as the closing number for the final episode of the TV series Pete Kelly's Blues.

When did the Beatles release Good Morning, Good Morning?

The English rock band the Beatles recorded "Good Morning, Good Morning" on their 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It was written by Lennon and McCartney under the pseudonym of Paul & John. The song was inspired by a newspaper headline that read: "Two sailors dead after ship hits reef in bad weather". Lennon and McCartney were also influenced by an Indian song called "Chanda Miya Ki Chidiha", which means "Spring is come again".

Sgt. Pepper's was released on February 26, 1968. The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three weeks in March 1968.

Lennon said of the song: "That's my favorite [song on the album]. I like it because of the way it sounds - like a little chime sound at the beginning. And then it goes into this very pretty little melody with some nice chords."

McCartney said of the song: "I think 'Good Morning, Good Morning' is one of our prettiest songs. It has a real spring feel to it, don't you think?"

Lennon added: "It's about these two sailors that died.

What does Singin' in the Rain say good morning?

Good morning, and good morning to you as well. "Good morning, notice how the sun is shining," I remarked. Hello and good morning. Listen to the birds sing. It's fantastic to stay up late. The stars shone brightly. It's too late to bid you a good night. Good morning, good morning, good morning! The sun will eventually shine through. Good morning to you, my sweetheart! Loading...

Who wrote the Good Morning, Good Morning song?

The Beatles' John Lennon McCartney, Paul Good day, Good day, Composers! The Beatles album Please Please Me published by Capitol Records in March 1964.

The song was written by John and Paul McCartney while they were staying at Peter Brown's house in St John's Wood. One morning after listening to Nina Simone's album I Can't Quit You (There's Nothing Left for Me), they decided to write a song about her. They first tried to write something themselves, but when that failed they went to work on a piece called "I've Got a Feeling".

Paul later said that he originally wanted the song to be sung by John, but then changed his mind.

McCartney played piano on the track, with George Harrison playing guitar behind him. Before recording their first single, The Beatles had been using Norman Smith's engineering studio down the road from Brown's house. However, because it had no separate room for vocals, they used another neighbor's apartment as a makeshift vocal booth by closing the door. On this occasion, someone knocked on the door and told them they could come in, which surprised them as they didn't know anyone else lived there.

What is the best good morning text?

The Very Best Good Morning Text Messages for Her.

  1. Good morning, love!
  2. Good morning!
  3. Sometimes I wish there was no alarm clock because that is the only device which wakes me up while I am dreaming of you.
  4. Wake up my love.
  5. Good morning, my guiding star!

Who is the author of Good Morning, I Love You?

I am eternally thankful for this book and know that I will return to it again and again. "Good morning, I love you" is a true blessing to the world. Dr. Shauna Shapiro has expertly blended her own narrative into the lecture in a delicate yet powerful way. She weaves in stories from her own life with scientific information to show how love is such an important part of our existence and cannot be taken for granted.

Shauna's passion for teaching others about love is evident throughout the book. She discusses different types of love (such as romantic love and familial love) and they all have different needs. She also explains that there are two types of relationships: those that are based on love and those that are not. The ones that are not based on love tend to be more transient, but they can still be beneficial in some ways (for example: friendship before romance).

Through many examples she shows how love is important for our well-being mentally and physically. Even though love isn't always easy to find, it's vital to seek it from those who mean most to us.

Where did the song "Good Morning to You" come from?

"Good Morning" is a song written by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed for the film Babes in Arms (1939) and sung by Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. The song is also known by its opening words, which are used as a title: "Good morning, good morning..."

Babes in Arms was a 1939 American comedy film directed by William A. Seiter from a screenplay by George Abbott, based on characters created by John Steinbeck and Charles MacArthur. The film is about a young actress who moves to Hollywood with her father and becomes friends with some other struggling actors. They form a stage company together.

The film's soundtrack includes "Good Morning to You", which became a popular standard. It was released in January 1940 by Judy Garland's character in the film as her debut single. The song became a major hit, topping the charts for four weeks and selling over one million copies. It remains the best-selling single by a female artist.

Brown and Freed received a writing credit for their work on the song. However, they did not receive any additional compensation beyond their credits. When Garland's character sings the song in the film, she uses lines from another song called "Wake Up, My Love".

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