Why are sox not socks?

Why are sox not socks?

To conserve type space in headlines, newspapers would frequently use the informal firm "Sox" instead of the official team names "White Stockings" or "Red Stockings." Stockings became sox, not socks, as the practice spread. Before 1869, when the National League of Baseball's Chicago White Stockings were officially named, they were known as the Boston Red Stocks.

In 1919, after the death of John McGraw, who had been managing the New York Giants since 1883, his former club voted to change its name to the San Francisco Giants. However, many fans continued to call them the "Giants," and this confusion led to some journalists using "SoX" as a shorthand for both teams.

In 1957, the Milwaukee Braves joined the NL, and many fans and media members began calling them the "SoX." In 1962, after the Atlanta Braves moved to the new capital city of Atlanta and changed their name to the Atlanta Braves, more people started calling them the "SoX."

Even though they play in different leagues (American vs. National), there is no real reason why one team should be called "SoX" and the other shouldn't. But since most people only know about the SoX of baseball, that's how they're referred to by most journalists and fans.

Why are "white Sox" spelled "sox"?

In 1900, the White Stockings (later abbreviated to White Sox) finished second (when Charlie Comiskey moved the St. Paul Saints to Chicago). They were among the first members of the American League in 1901. They adopted the moniker "White Stockings" since the Cubs (then known as the Colts) were no longer using it. In 1953, after many years of litigation over the trademark rights to the name, the two teams agreed not to use it against each other.

The White Stockings/White Sox played their home games at South Park Avenue (now South Wabash Avenue), a street in downtown Chicago. The team was owned by Charles K. Feeney, who had also bought the Saints. He sold part of his team to John A. Devore and William Hulbert, who were looking for new opportunities after their partnership with the NFL's Chicago Bears fell through. The rest of the team was sold to Benjamin E. Johnson, who had played on the team with Comiskey. Johnson later became president of the league and managed both the Senators and the Pirates during their periods of supremacy in the early 20th century.

The word "Sox" is derived from the French word huit, which means "eight". So, "white Sox" means "the eight white horses."

Which is correct: socks or sox?

The Boston Red Sox, an MLB team, are most commonly referred to as the Sox. The Chicago White Sox are a Major League Baseball franchise. Socks spelled differently. So too with the Sox.

Is a sock a plural sock?

Socks or, less commonly, sox are the plurals of sock. There are two types of socks: foot socks and hand socks.

Why are there white sox and red sox?

The Chicago Cubs were once known as the "White Stockings," and the Cincinnati Reds as the "Red Stockings." When the American League (officially) began play in 1901, the new Chicago team was known as the "White Sox," while the new Boston squad was known as the "Red Sox." The reason for this color-coded division of players is simple: when the two leagues merged to form a single league in 1876, they took different names for their teams. The National League's Chicago White Stockings became the American League's first champion that same year. Thus, the original American League franchise is now known as the "Boston Red Sox." Its NL counterpart is called the "Cincinnati Reds."

In 1869, Charles W. White, owner of the National Association's Chicago White Stockings, invented a new ball made out of rubber that was more durable than the leather ball used by baseball's breakaway league. This new ball became very popular with fans and has remained so ever since. It is this ball that causes problems for the color line because it is always white or red, thus giving both teams equal opportunity to win.

During World War II, when many African-Americans served in the military, the racial divide in baseball was evident with the creation of the All-Black Army Baseball Team.

Do the White Sox wear white socks?

But if you're going to call yourself the White Sox, you have to wear white socks. They wear White Sox beneath their stirrups, but white or gray slacks with white socks are an obscenity. The team colors were once red and baby blue. In 1941, when Kenosha's two major teams went head-to-head in a baseball series, the other team objected to the use of blue in Kenosha and so the Chicago White Sox changed their color to red to avoid confusion.

Today's game is played in Chicago's South Side ball park. It was built in 1914 and has been called "The House That Ruth Built." The original cost was $500,000 and it took three years to pay off that loan. The ballpark has a famous history as well: it was here that Shoeless Joe Jackson struck out looking three times in one game (the first two times he faced the minimum requirement to be removed from the game), causing such a scandal that he was banned from professional baseball for life. A statue of him sitting in the on-deck circle is a popular sight for tourists visiting Chicago.

The current owner of the White Sox is Jerry Reinsdorf, who also owns the NBA's Chicago Bulls. He acquired the team in 1992 for $70 million.

Before the White Stockings became the Sox they were originally known as the Black Hawks in 1871.

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