Why couldn't the poet remember his mother?

Why couldn't the poet remember his mother?

When it rains, the poet thinks about his mother. It brings back memories of his mother tucking him into bed to sleep. The author is described in the poem as being very devoted and lonely as he recalls his mother, sister, and great friend. Although they were poor, his mother did everything she could to make sure he was happy and cared for. When he was nine years old, she died from tuberculosis. After her death, he was sent to live with his uncle. There are many more dead people in this poem that the poet does not mention. Maybe someday he will write about them too.

This is because memory is fragile. It can be damaged or destroyed by disease, age, or trauma. Also, some people have problems remembering specific things that happened early in life. This isn't because they're not worth remembering but because their brains don't work like others who have good memories. They tend to forget what they have trouble remembering in the first place!

In conclusion, the poet could not remember his mother because memory is fragile and sometimes lost due to other factors.

What does the poet like to do when it rains? Is the poet now a child? Is his mother still alive?

The youngster is reminded of his mother when it rains. When it rains, the poet enjoys pressing his pillow against his bed and lying down to listen to the patter of the rain. No doubt about it-the poet's mother has died. The boy is now an orphan.

Poets are often lonely people. They enjoy writing about feelings and things that make them smile or cry. That way they don't have to be alone when they need time to think about their problems.

Some poets can be quite childish at times. They love making up games and rules just for fun. Others may spend all their time thinking about how to write great poems. Some poets can be found working in museums or libraries while others may travel around the world looking for inspiration.

There are many different types of poets. Some prefer writing short poems while others write long ones with multiple parts. There are also folk poets who work with musicians or actors to put on shows for audiences, political poets who write about current events, and visual artists who use poetry as a medium through which to express themselves creatively.

Poetry is a unique and powerful form of expression. It can be entertaining, enlightening, emotional, and more. No other medium can match its ability to capture our hearts and minds.

Where is the poet's mother now?

The poet is shown joyfully recalling his mother and reveling in the happiness that rain provides. Because the poet's mother is most likely no longer living, he nostalgically recalls the times he spent with his loving mother. His feelings are so strong that he can still picture her face even though she died many years ago.

Poets are an important part of many cultures around the world. They often use poetry to express themselves, especially emotions they are unable to find other ways of doing so. In addition, some poets write about politics or social issues because they feel that this type of writing can have a positive impact on society. Others create poems because they want to share their love for music, nature, or food.

There are many different types of poets, from those who write only sonnets to those who write free-style. Also, some poets are more interested in art than in literature, while others get involved with editing magazines or publishing books.

As for the poet himself, he or she usually lives either in Europe or America. Although there are female poets, they are rarely considered great ones. The most famous male poet today is probably William Shakespeare but others include John Milton, Alexander Pope, and Robert Frost.

Shakespeare is believed to have been born in April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

What memory of his mother comes to him when it rains?

1. The youngster is reminded of his mother when it rains. 2. When it rains, the poet enjoys pressing his pillow against his bed and lying down to listen to the patter of the rain. 3. His mother's face comes to him when it rains. 4. A heavy curtain closes in his mind whenever he tries to think about her death.

5. A lonely child, he remembers that once there had been someone near him who loved him. He thinks of this person when it rains - her voice, her touch, her smile. She must have been very young when his father died, for even now she treats him more like a brother than like a son. 6. This woman is his sister. They were both orphaned at a very early age. Their father had been one of Napoleon's generals. When he was killed in an accident, they went to live with their aunt, who married another general, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte. He was a friend of Papa's and soon became King Charles XIV John of Sweden. 8. In 1854, Charles XIV John agreed to let his nephews join his army. The boy who was thought to be the most useful was given charge of a company of soldiers. This was a start in a life dedicated to fighting for others. 9. Later, when Charles XIV John became king, he made his nephew commander of a regiment. 10.

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