Why did Marshmello write it alone?

Why did Marshmello write it alone?

"Truth is, I had just moved away from my friends and family, and I started to feel incredibly homesick and lonely, like I didn't belong in my new circumstances," Marshmello revealed on Facebook. "I wrote this song during a really dark time in my life and wanted to play it for them but never got the chance."

He went on to say that he believes that songs written alone by artists living alone are best left as secrets because there's no one else to judge their work. He also said that he thinks people expect too much from musicians and that he wants to be happy with what he creates.

Marshmello has been praised for his honesty and integrity after this revelation and many fans have told him not to release other songs about lost love because they don't want to hear it again.

However, others think that he should continue to express himself through music even though he knows nobody is listening.

Why did Hayley Williams write the only exception?

Hayley Williams told Kerrang! in 2009: This is the first time I've penned lyrics like this. The first stanza is about how I believe the fear of being open or vulnerable began. Everyone has known about my family problems and domestic concerns from the first piece in Kerrang! It's something that has stuck with me and from which I've learnt. I wrote the only exception because there are times when it is appropriate to be honest but not all the time.

She also said: "This is a song for anyone who has been through some kind of tragedy or loss, whether it be a friend or family member. Asking why does anything happen? Doesn't really have an answer for that. But if you look at life as a series of lessons, then maybe there is a purpose behind everything that happens. And if that's the case, then maybe there is hope for everyone."

She continued: "I think one of the reasons I wrote the song is because I had such a terrible time explaining what my family situation was to people when they asked. Usually, I would just say'my dad's not around' or'my mom doesn't love me'. To this day, I still get embarrassed when people find out the truth about my family history. But once they know, everyone is so understanding and supportive. So maybe there is hope for everyone after all!"

Williams' mother was killed by her husband when she was just 14 years old.

What did Phoebe Snow write poetry about?

Browne, Jackson In the September 1980 American Top 40, Casey Kasem said that Phoebe Snow indicated the song was about Jackson Browne. Snow subsequently dismissed this as a notion that arose solely because Browne was the first singer she toured with following the release of the song. She added that if she had known at the time who he was, she would have chosen another song.

Phoebe Snow died on November 4th, 1980 at age 26. She had been living in London at the time of her death due to her involvement with British rock band Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac wrote a tribute song called "Mississippi Queen" that they performed during their 1987 tour in support of their then-new album, Mirage. The song is about Snow and includes several references to songs written by Bob Dylan. Additionally, there are similarities between lyrics to the chorus of "Mississippi Queen" and those of "Ballad of a Thin Man".

Snow's father, Johnnie, was an alcoholic who frequently left home when Phoebe was young. He eventually stopped going to work for several years. When he did find employment, it was usually low-paying manual labor such as construction work. He often drank alcohol to deal with his pain from working under these conditions.

When Phoebe was nine years old, her mother married for the second time.

Why did Billy Joel write "River of Dreams"?

Joel had placed English phrases in the chant portraying a guy who had lost his religion and had them translated into Latin. After hearing the tape, he changed his mind and used it in the song "River of Dreams." He later said that he was trying to make a point about how music can bring people together from different cultures and backgrounds.

Billy Joel is a prolific writer of songs that often include autobiographical elements. This is particularly true for his early career when he was using his experiences to create music that sounded like no one else's. His first album, which came out when he was just 23 years old, sold 15 million copies worldwide and established him as a major force in popular music.

He has said that writing songs is something that comes naturally to him and that he doesn't spend much time thinking about what will become of his songs once they're finished. However, he does admit that sometimes he'll write down ideas for future songs while listening to other artists' albums.

One of his earliest hits, "Piano Man", is about a lonely street musician who becomes obsessed with an elegant woman who dances by herself at a party. The song details his efforts to get her attention, including singing on the subway and hiding under the stage while the party goes on above him. She finally accepts his invitation to dance and they fall in love.

Why is To a Skylark an ode?

The speaker of the poem speaks directly to the bird and praises the purity of its sound, which is subsequently contrasted with sad, empty human speech. "To a Skylark" is a classic example of Romantic poetry as a tribute to the unrivaled splendors of the natural world, particularly its spiritual force. The word "ode" comes from the Greek odysseus, meaning "tribute," "homage," or "praise." Thus, the term means a poem that pays homage to someone or something.

This poem is about friendship. The speaker tells the bird he is glad he has found someone to speak to, since humans are full of noise and sadness. He promises to listen carefully if the bird wants to talk more. This shows that even though people are not usually happy all the time, they can still enjoy talking with others who understand them.

Also, the bird is free to fly away at any moment, but it chooses to stay because it finds the speaker interesting. This means that even though people cannot live without friends, they should not expect everyone to be their friend. It is up to each person to decide how they want to spend their time.

Finally, the poem is an imitation of the song of the skylark. It is written in iambic pentameter, which is the standard English verse form for lyrical poems.

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