Why did the blue-frocked woman get angry with the poet?

Why did the blue-frocked woman get angry with the poet?

The blue-frocked woman became enraged with the poet because he refused to play with the other children. The poet was unlike the other kids. She was unusual. The teacher desired that all of the students be present. So, she sent out a search party to find the others.

When they could not find the boys, the teacher sent out more search parties but still no luck. Finally, she decided to send letters to their parents asking them to come and get their children. Many days went by without any news from anyone so she gave up hope and returned home.

Just as she was about to enter the school gate, she heard voices coming from inside it. Curious, she walked through the entrance and into the main hall where she saw several adults standing around something on the ground. When the adults noticed her, they went over to her and told her what had happened.

He had gone to visit his friend who lived near a place called Blue Woods. While he was there, a terrible storm came along and knocked out the power in the area. When it was restored, everyone was surprised to see that some of the most beautiful flowers were growing in the middle of town. They wondered how this could have happened since there weren't any seeds floating around anywhere nearby.

Then they remembered seeing something shiny under some trees in the woods.

Who came first to hire the poet?

In the evening, the child came to employ the poet. 14 She found him sitting by the river with a rapt audience of birds before him. She said "Poet, please write a poem for me on this theme: 'The one who comes first to hire the poet shall be the master of the song.'"'

Now it happens that there is no one special person who comes first in life. But according to what has been said about marriage being a covenant between two people, we can assume that it was your husband who came first. In other words, he hired the poet.

This does not mean that you have to wait for him to give you a call before you can see someone else. Or that if he calls another woman "wife" then that ends our argument. All it means is that according to God's perfect will for his world, marriage begins with him hiring the poet.

He did so because he loved her and she deserves better than anyone else available. Not only that but also because he knew that she would love him back even more than anyone else could. It's simple really - he wanted to make sure that she was his first priority before moving on to any others.

Why does the poet feel scared?

The poet is struck by the familiar anguish of losing her mother. She felt this way because she believed it would be the last time she saw her mother, and she would never be able to see her again. All of these experiences make the poetess fearful of losing her mother again.

Why is the poet looking at the picture?

Ans. The poem's youngster enjoyed gazing at the pictures because they gave him stories. Also, the painter was a celebrity then, so everyone wanted his portrait painted.

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