Why did the poet look outside?

Why did the poet look outside?

The poet began staring out the car window because she wanted to drive away the grief and suffering she was feeling from looking at her aging mother. She stared out at the world, which was bustling with activity. The poet employs these pictures to create contrast. There is a busy street full of people going about their daily lives while her mother lies in the hospital dying. The scene before her mother went into the hospital was beautiful but now it was time for the city streets to take over again.

This poem is about loss and grieving. When someone we love dies, we go through many feelings at once: sadness, loneliness, despair, bitterness, anger... The list goes on. Grief is a natural reaction to losing someone we care about. It is normal to feel sad, afraid, or angry during this time. However, if we do not deal with our emotions, they will always be there waiting to get us again.

In this poem, the poet describes how she felt when looking at her mother. She says that she was filled with anguish because she knew that something terrible had happened to her mother. Then, right after that, she feels guilty for being gone so long when her mother needed her. Finally, she admits that she looked outside because she wanted to drive away the pain.

Losing someone we love hurts just like getting a bone fracture.

What does the poet see outside the car?

Outside the automobile, the poet observes young trees racing by. They appear to be sprinting or running quickly. Children are gladly leaving their families. They convey a sense of vitality, energy, and activity. There is also a lot of noise. The wheels of the automobile are spinning rapidly. It feels like the car is about to leave the ground sometimes.

Inside the automobile, the driver is tired. His eyes are closed but he isn't sleeping yet. He is exhausted but still worried about something.

Poetry allows for great imagination. The poet can imagine many things that might not actually exist. But this doesn't mean they aren't real in some way. The poet knows that everything that exists has a reason for being here. So even though these things aren't physically possible, they make sense as parts of a whole. Sometimes we need to let go of what we know to have confidence in what we believe will come into existence.

Asking questions and looking at different perspectives helps us understand more about ourselves and our world. Poetry is all about expressing ideas and feelings that cannot be said otherwise. Most people think of poems as words on a page, but there are many other forms of poetry as well.

What circumstances is the poet talking about?

"These conditions" alludes to the poet's current mental state after living so long without her mother. She is depressed and lonely without her mother. ** Shirley Toulson wrote this poetry, 'A snapshot. 'of which this is a part, during World War II. Her father was lost at sea and her mother died of cancer when she was only nine years old.

Shirley also wrote about her childhood in Canada where she experienced many hardships such as living with her alcoholic father and fighting for her life each day because of poor health care. At times she even had to take care of her younger siblings while her father was away working hard on ships.

She eventually found comfort and support from some friends who helped her feel less alone during these difficult times. One of these friends was a young man named Don Kerr who worked at a gas station near their home in Toronto. He became one of her most important sources of inspiration for writing poems. Together they would sit in his truck listening to music while he typed her poems onto paper using an old manual typewriter.

Shirley Toulson soon discovered that writing poems could help ease the pain of losing her mother and helping her find happiness again in life. So, she kept on writing even though she didn't know how much attention she would get for her work later on.

Why does the poet like the garden?

The poet describes the garden she sees around her in a gorgeous, rich, and attractive manner. Everything is so colorful and appealing that it's easy to lose track of time just admiring nature's splendor. With such natural beauty all around, one can't help but marvel at this heaven on Earth.

Gardening has always been popular among poets because it provides an opportunity to express themselves through words and images. Poets enjoy gardening because they get to think about other things while working in their gardens. Gardening also helps them relax after a busy day by giving their minds and bodies a rest.

In addition to being useful, gardening is also beautiful. Most people who garden don't do it for money - they do it because they enjoy the work and the results are rewarding. Even if you don't earn any money from your garden, you're still in business because you're providing food and relaxation to yourself. This is the most important reason why everyone should garden at least once in their lives.

You should try gardening if you've never done it before. There are many different types of gardens with different requirements and goals in mind.

Why does the poet feel scared?

The poet is struck by the familiar anguish of losing her mother. She felt this way because she believed it would be the last time she saw her mother, and she would never be able to see her again. All of these experiences make the poetess fearful of losing her mother again.

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