Why does Montresor wear a mask?

Why does Montresor wear a mask?

Poe's use of color imagery is important to his investigation of Montresor's motivations. Montresor, with his face hidden behind a black silk mask, depicts the Gothic antithesis of blind justice: prejudiced vengeance.

Montresor believes that since he was born into a noble family, he is entitled to behave as he likes. He cares only about his own interests, and he uses his position to exploit the people around him. When his wife and daughter are killed, he doesn't feel any remorse or try to avoid being caught. Instead, he decides to disguise himself and escape from prison.

This act reveals two things about his personality: first, he is cold-blooded and willing to kill anyone in order to keep himself safe; second, he is proud of his aristocratic origins even though they have got him imprisoned. Therefore, he needs to hide his true identity in order to avoid being persecuted by the mob because of his family name. He chooses a black silk mask as his costume because it allows him to move around anonymously while still representing his status as a nobleman.

Additionally, the mask can be used as a form of intimidation. By wearing this garment, Montresor is telling his victims that unless they do what he wants them to, then they are just as bad as he is.

What costume is Montresor wearing and why is it symbolic?

What does Montresor's Carnival attire represent? He's dressed fully in black with a coat, giving him the appearance of a grim reaper. This is intimately related to the narrative, and it represents Montresor's reaction to the events, for in the end, he gives Fortunato a horrible death.

The fact that he wears this outfit on Carnival Day indicates that he is self-conscious about it. This shows that even though he is one of the most important people in Canto I, he is still human after all. He knows that everyone will stare at him because of what happened last night and he doesn't want to be seen like this.

Also, it should be noted that the reason for his attire is not explicitly stated in the text. However, we can assume that it has something to do with the incident described in the text. In addition, it is known that before his imprisonment, Montresor was a wealthy judge. Thus, it can be inferred that he must have been given an order by someone powerful enough to influence him to wear black clothes on such occasion.

In conclusion, Montresor's attire is shown to be sad and remorseful because he knows that everyone will see him and wonder what has happened to him. He also knows that today is Carnival and that people will be staring at him so he tries to hide his identity but it is too late because Fabrice has found him.

Why does Fortunato wear a mask?

The black mask represents gloom. For the carnival, Fortunato wears a brilliant headgear with bells on the end, whilst Montresor wears a dark mask and cloak. This gives him a mystery impression to the reader. He'd put on this robe and mask because he was up to something terrible.

Fortunato wants to hide his true face because he's ashamed of it. It's a sign of poverty - he doesn't have enough money to buy a new one. And so he wears this old one that his father gave him before he died.

Also, the mask helps him to surprise his enemies. They won't know what he looks like!

What do you imagine Montresor looks like?

Montresor with a dark cloak and a black mask may be seen escorting Fortunato through the packed, loud streets. Fortunato is dressed in the most visible costume conceivable, a tight-fitting jester's attire and a hat with bells. Fortunato would be the center of attention, while Montresor would be a shadow.

Now, what if we told you that Montresor was very tall, over 6 feet; had green eyes; and wore sharp, white teeth when he smiled? If you saw this man, then you know he cannot be imagined.

Why does Montag describe Clarisse’s face as a mirror?

The second image of her face that Montag thinks of is that of "a mirror" because it takes "of you and throws back to you your own expression, your own innermost trembling thought." He feels that she, unlike anyone else he has known, has helped him to see himself for what he truly is, flaws and all.

Clarissa tells Montag that his face is like "a deep lake without an island", which means that there are no signs of happiness or sadness on his face. This is because everyone is happy inside themselves regardless of what others think of them.

Montag then realizes that Clarissa is wrong about herself too: she is not happy but rather "full of fear". She is afraid of losing her job and of being sent away to some prison camp.

Finally, Montag understands that although this woman may be beautiful, she is also cruel. She has thrown the rock at him not out of anger but rather because she wanted to hurt him.

Clarissa says that she has seen "the worst in people" and that they are all just as bad as each other. She knows that many people will use her death to get what they want.

But what do you think will happen to her?

Why does Dunbar use the image of a mask?

Dunbar may use the image of a mask since wearing a mask helps us to disguise our face, allowing us to conceal any expression or feeling. In his poetry, he discusses how black people felt compelled to act comfortable or cheerful while around by white people, even though they felt the reverse. By disguising their true feelings, they were able to retain some sense of dignity.

Black people wore masks for many reasons. They wanted to fit in with white people and not be perceived as different or dangerous. Masks allowed them to avoid being beaten up or killed. Without a mask, they knew they would be taken from their homes and never seen again.

Even though Dunbar used the image of a mask, this did not mean that he agreed with it. He was just trying to show how black people had no choice but to wear a mask because of the racism around them.

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