Why does Sanders include the paragraph?

Why does Sanders include the paragraph?

Sanders included the line on women in his youth because he envied women for always having aid from other women, men, and families. He claimed that he did this to explain why women find it easy to believe things that other women say about them.

This is one of many examples of how Bernie Sanders self-diagnoses and self-prescribes as part of his political strategy. He claims that these sections are needed to show why certain groups of people will vote for him. However, there are more important issues at stake in this election than simply what role models exist for young people or why women might believe other women. For example, a president should be responsible for creating good jobs with benefits for all Americans, not just providing insight into his or her own childhood feelings.

In conclusion, Bernie Sanders includes the line about women because he wants to use this to explain why women find it easy to believe things that other women say about them.

How does paragraph 25 contribute to one of the story’s central themes?

What role does paragraph 25 play in one of the story's main themes? A. Eve eats the forbidden apples for knowledge, but she is aware that she is breaking her pledge to God, contributing to the theme of education and power—knowledge is power, but power corrupts. B. By eating the apples, Eve demonstrates that she is equally as powerful as God, so he cannot claim authority over her. C. The theme of temptation is introduced into the story when Adam is tempted by Satan. D. Temptation has many forms - physical, emotional, and spiritual - and each person is susceptible to being tempted by others or by life itself. E. Temptation can lead us down paths we never expected ourselves to go on. F. Finally, temptation reveals our true nature - we are weak yet still capable of resisting evil. G. So, temptation shows that we need a savior, because no one is immune to sin.

H. Paragraph 25 explains why the story takes place in the Garden of Eden. It is important to note that this paragraph does not explain what happens after the fall, it only describes the state of affairs before the fall. I. This chapter begins with the phrase "once upon a time", which means that it is a story about someone who lived long ago. J. Later on in the book, we will find out that this character is named Adam.

K. Who is the main character in the story? A.

What is the main idea of the third paragraph of Ms. Jackson's cover letter?

The third paragraph of Ms. Jackson's cover letter focuses on her capacity to do swift and precise analysis. Evidence and references are provided to back up the assertion. This shows that she is a competent professional who has thought about what is needed to be successful in this position.

In addition to being competent, Ms. Jackson also demonstrates interest in SDNY by noting that it has many federal agencies within its boundaries. She notes that while this may be a challenge, it is also an opportunity because it means there is much to learn. Finally, she highlights her ability to work quickly and accurately, which is necessary for any administrative assistant position.

This shows that Ms. Jackson is a strong candidate who understands what it takes to be successful in this position.

As you can see, the third paragraph of Ms. Jackson's cover letter contains information relevant to this position. This information includes evidence of Ms. Jackson's competence (reference letters), her interest in the position (personal note), and information about how she would handle a challenge (can-do attitude). In addition, the letter shows that Ms. Jackson knows what is expected of an administrative assistant (flexibility, accuracy, speed), which is necessary for this position.

How does paragraph 8 contribute to the development of ideas in the text Jackie Robinson?

What role does paragraph 8 have in the development of ideas in the text? This paragraph underlines that Robinson was aware of the difficulties ahead but was prepared to endure them in order to break down the color barrier. This passage demonstrates that he was supposed to endure unpleasant treatment without retaliating. This made him a perfect role model for other black athletes who were not as strong as he was.

Paragraph 8 also contributes to the development of ideas in the text by providing information about Robinson's campaign that helps explain why he is such a important figure in history. The fact that he broke down the color line in baseball makes him famous today but at the time it was something new. There were no other black players at that time so he had to fight hard for recognition.

Finally, paragraph 8 explains that Robinson wanted to meet his wife's family but this wasn't possible because they lived in New York City and he came from small towns in the South so they didn't know each other. In conclusion, this passage tells us that Robinson was a civil rights activist who knew how to deal with adversity with courage and dignity. These are qualities we should all try to live by.

How does paragraph 14 contribute to the text?

What contribution does paragraph 14 make to the text? It describes how the man ended up on the subway rails. It depicts the author's heroic actions in saving the man on the rails. It underscores his idea that heroic acts are not driven by pride. It also shows that even common people can be saved from death if they are only given a chance.

In conclusion, paragraph 14 adds importance to the story by showing the connection between this incident and the main plot. Without this detail, we would not know why the writer included this anecdote in the first place.

Is the five-paragraph essay bad?

Despite its extensive history, the five-paragraph essay has a fatal defect. It devalues a student's argument, flow and structure of an essay, and voice. For starters, the five-paragraph essay limits an argument beyond its usefulness or appeal. In theory, it resembles a three-partitioned dinner plate. Each paragraph is supposed to be related to each part of the plate. In practice, this requirement often isn't adhered to. The five-paragraph essay also tends to be mechanical and formulaic. It tells students not to worry about the importance of their ideas or arguments but rather how they are presented. Finally, the five-paragraph essay can prevent students from using evidence to support their claims.

In conclusion, the five-paragraph essay is ineffective because it denies readers important information by presenting them in rigidly structured forms and because it prevents writers from expressing themselves clearly and fully.

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