Why does the poet call it a "curious story"?

Why does the poet call it a "curious story"?

The poet wishes to deliver a "surprising" narrative. The poet himself does not believe the story is true. But, for one reason, he feels obligated to relate this story.

Why do you think the poet wrote the poem?

The author created the poem in order to express his sentiments to the audience. He wanted them to know that no matter how far away they might be, he still cares about them and wants to keep in touch even though they were not there when he needed help. He also wanted them to know that he was not alone in suffering during this difficult time.

Poetry is known for its powerful ability to capture feelings and thoughts without using words, which makes it perfect for expressing yourself when you cannot say everything you want to. Poems are made up of lines of poetry called stanzas, and within each stanza the author expresses a different idea or feeling. This means that poems are able to cover a wide range of topics from happy to sad, serious to funny. That is why poems are such an effective way to communicate your emotions and ideas.

As with all art, poets try different techniques in their work to see what effect it has on the audience. Some poets may choose to use strong images or catchy phrases in their poems in order to make certain types of readers feel more included or engaged. Others may use language that is unusual or colloquial in order to make their work sound new and interesting.

Why is the poet so confused in childhood?

The poet is perplexed for two reasons. The first is because he does not know when he ceased being a child and when he became an adult. While searching for his childhood, he discloses more aspects of himself that demonstrate his perplexity.

The second reason is that he is bewildered by his own creativity. He cannot understand how someone so little could produce such great works of art.

He finally realizes that he is not confused at all but rather happy because now he knows who he is and what he wants to do with his life.

How does the poet react to the situation?

The poet believes he should not interfere with the circumstance. He sympathizes with the youngster and understands his anguish. At the same time, he refuses to become involved. The poet wants nothing to do with this matter.

Poetry is the art of expressing feelings in words. While some people are able to express themselves through music or painting, others need to speak their mind in order to be understood. Still other people find relief in writing about their experiences.

As we read poems, we connect with their authors on a personal level. We feel what they feel when they write about their emotions. This is why many people enjoy reading poetry. There are many different styles of poetry, but all share one common goal: to make us think and feel.

Some poets write about current events while others focus on personal issues. Some people may even know exactly which poem they are going to read next because they like certain lines or phrases used by the author.

In this lesson, you learned that poets use language to express themselves. They can also use language to protest something that makes them angry or say how they feel about something that happens to them.

Why do you think the poet does not mention the departure of the forest from the house?

The poet seldom addresses "the departure of the forest from the house" in her letters because humans were the ones who did not care about nature in the first place. So perhaps the poet now believes that no one would be interested in learning about the trees' struggles to liberate themselves.

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