Why does the poet call the world beautiful?

Why does the poet call the world beautiful?

Answer: The rain was described as lovely in the first phrase because the thirsty and parched earth was waiting for it to fall and relieve its thirst while admiring its beauty—forests, flowers, plains, and so on. Rain lends life to the planet and animates every part of it. So, here again we see how important water is to humanity. Without it, there would be no one to praise the rain or the sun when they are shining. There would be no crops to grow, no grass for animals to eat, and no one to write poems about their beauty.

Worldliness is a state of mind. It's not that the world is beautiful, but rather that you think it is. Your perception of reality affects your experience of it. If you believe the world is cruel and unfair, you will feel that way too. But if you know that love and kindness exist in the world, then you will see evidence of them everywhere you look.

In conclusion, the poet is saying that the world is beautiful because of all the love and kindness in it.

How beautiful is the rain by William Wordsworth?

William Wordsworth wrote the poem "How Beautiful is the Rain." In the poem, it even portrays a scorching and burning roadway. Then comes the cold rain, which washes everything. People, children, and even animals consider this a refreshing blessing. This is because they have been suffering from the heat with no signs of relief in sight.

The world is so unfair to us humans. We need water to survive. Without it, we will die. But why does water have to be so scarce in some places? Why can't everyone get enough clean drinking water?

The fact of the matter is that water is too valuable to waste. It is used for many things including washing, farming, energy production, and industry. And since there's not much chance of finding water underground, it is always going to be limited supply. That's why some people have to suffer from drought while others get flooded out. This should tell you how important it is to protect our water sources.

If you think about it, most of our wars have been about water. There has been conflict over rivers, lakes, and even ocean tides. And as long as there are people on earth, there will be conflict over water because it is needed for life. So please, keep this problem in mind when you decide where to build your house or go on vacation.

Why does the poet find the rain beautiful?

The rain, according to the poet, is wonderful because it arrives in the scorching summer and settles the dust in the air while also cooling the heat. It is beautiful because of this reason.

What is the poet’s concept of beauty?

According to the poet, a lovely item is a source of infinite delight. It has an everlasting beauty that never fades. A beautiful item is like a shady shelter that provides us with a restful night's sleep full of wonderful dreams, excellent health, and relaxation. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," as the saying goes. For some it's a flower; for others it's a star; but for all it's a mystery.

As far as Shakespeare is concerned, beauty is much more than skin-deep. Even though he lived in an age when beauty was defined as perfect symmetry, Shakespeare believed that true beauty lay deeper than that. He said, "That face without a heart is like a body without a soul."

Shakespeare also thought that women were naturally beautiful but men could learn how to look beautiful too. "Women have eyes of their own: if they be false, they will see them still / And hold them fast," he said. "Men must wear their hearts on their sleeves."

He believed that love was the greatest beautifier there could be, even greater than nature. Love makes everything it touches beautiful. Beauty cannot exist without love; otherwise it would not be called beauty. Would you say that a flower is beautiful? Yes, because it attracts bees which carry its seeds far away from where they grew, so that other plants can grow from them.

What is beauty, according to the poet e-Yeh-Shure?

E-Yeh-Shure informs us in his poem 'Beauty' that beauty may be found in everything we encounter in life. We don't need to go in quest of beauty. Beauty may be heard and seen everywhere we go, and it can manifest itself in everything we do. Even the most hideous person contains within them a seed of beauty which will one day bloom into a flower. This shows us that beauty is not only found in objects but also in ideas. Beauty can be found in everything if we but look for it.

What is the spelling of beautiful?

Noun: the lovely, the idea of attractiveness Beautiful objects or persons collectively: the good and the beautiful (used with a plural verb).

How is the speaker able to effectively compare the beauty of nature to the beauty of a person?

1. The speaker can compare the beauty of nature and the attractiveness of a person by observing their similarities and distinctions. There are phrases in the poems that demonstrate their parallels, such as "She is more attractive," which recalls physical beauty on a summer day. It has a lot of vegetation, beautiful sky, and flowers. These things are all very natural and healthy. Then there is another phrase that shows how people are not identical to each other, "He is no Brad Pitt." This means that even though people may have similar features, they are not exactly the same as one another.

2. By comparing the two things together, the speaker can see that they are alike in some ways and different in others. People are unique and so are plants; therefore, they cannot be exactly like each other. However, they do share certain characteristics: both nature and people are beautiful, healthy objects that we should admire and protect.

3. By demonstrating this comparison, the speaker is able to inform the audience about the importance of protecting nature because it will not be here forever and when it goes, so will many of its creatures. At the same time, he or she is telling the listeners that although people come in different shapes and sizes, there is still enough similarity between them that we can all get along.

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