Why does the poet want God to strike at his heart?

Why does the poet want God to strike at his heart?

The poet begs God to strike at his heart in order for him to suffer the joys and tragedies of poverty, and he also begs God to remove hardheartedness and fill his heart with love and passion. The poet is asking God to change his own nature so that he can experience happiness.

Poverty is a terrible thing to endure. It not only causes hunger but also fear. If you are poor and if you have no hope of getting money soon, then it is easy to be depressed. Depression makes you feel like giving up. This is why the poet is begging God to strike at his heart - so that he will not feel sad when suffering poverty.

God protects the innocent. So the poet is praying that if God should kill him, then someone else would take care of his family.

This poem is about a king who loved music and poetry. He asked musicians and poets to come to his court so that they could entertain him and his people. But when he grew old and sick, his servants stole all his money to pay them off so that they would leave him alone. Then one night when he was asleep, they killed him.

This poem is about grief. Grief is feeling pain over something that has died. When someone we love dies, we go through pain.

Why does the poet pray for strength? How would he wish to use it?

Answer: The poet prays to God for the strength to turn his love for God into service to humanity. Furthermore, he prays to God for the resolve and character fortitude to oppose the harsh demands of those in authority.

God gives him that strength and wisdom. Now the poet can express his love for God and others using his gifts instead of being constrained by his wounds. He can now serve God and others without fear.

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

Why does the poet pray to God to make more people like Abou?

Answer: The poet asks God for a "heaven of freedom" for his nation, where people are bold, informed, truthful, dignified, hardworking, rational, and broadminded. The poet prays to God for political independence from the British. Please indicate this as the smartest answer and thank you. Have a good day.

Which way does the poet implore his Lord to lead him to?

The poet begs his Lord to guide him along the path of truth and justice. He also intends for him to be free of all questions and to be enlightened by knowledge and morals. Finally, he wants him to return home.

What kind of heaven does the poet pray for his nation?

The poet asks God for a "heaven of freedom" for his nation, where people are bold, informed, truthful, dignified, hardworking, rational, and broadminded. He also requests that God protect America during its young life.

This poem was written by John Milton in 1645 when he was an English politician who had been exiled from England because of his support for king Charles I during his trial. In the poem, Milton asks for divine help to enable his country to produce a better future after its victory over France in the French-Indian War. The poem was published along with other works by Milton in 1649 when he was 46 years old.

What does the poet want us to do in the poem, "The Voice of God"?

The poet asks us to not look for God in a certain location since God is everywhere. He is a member of the community. If you wish to win God's love, you must love all people.

Why do you think the poet wrote the poem?

The author created the poem in order to express his sentiments to the audience. He wanted them to know that no matter how far away they are, he continues to love them even though they have fallen out of touch with him.

Poetry is often used to express emotions and ideas. The poet in this case wanted to share his feelings about losing contact with his friends. By doing so, he hoped it would help them feel less alone during this time when they were missing him.

Additionally, the poet wrote this piece of art to attract more attention from his audience. Asking others to write letters for him so he could send them home was a common practice at the time. The more letters he received, the more people would want to hear from him and visit him in prison where he was sent temporarily until his trial came around.

Finally, the author wrote this poem because he was interested in seeing what kind of words other people would choose to describe his feelings. He wanted to see if there were any other ways to convey the same message without using poetry.

How does the poet believe that God made the country?

According to the poet, God created the natural beauty of the land. Men used to dwell in natural environs where life was tranquil. Birds would trill, and trees would be grateful to all creatures for providing shelter. God intended for our lives to have meaning, but we have thrown the balance off. We need to be reminded that creation was good, and restored after we ruined it.

The poet believes that society is broken because people no longer see the earth as sacred. They have forgotten that they are guests on this planet, and there to do honor to God who created them. Instead, they use their gifts to destroy others or themselves. In order to get what they want, they become greedy and selfish. This is why the earth feels the effects of human activity so strongly; we have abandoned the world and its ways.

People think that money and power are the keys to happiness. But actually, these things only bring more trouble than joy. The poet realizes that living a virtuous life isn't always easy, but it's the only way to go forward with hope in mind.

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