Why does the poet want to go on a sea voyage?

Why does the poet want to go on a sea voyage?

The poet want to travel to sea and spend his life like the gull birds spend their lives over the coasts, and the whales, who are closer to the water's surface and roam it throughout their lives, yearn to be there in the same way. The poem is about the joy of living and of traveling while you're young and able to do so, before you grow old and die.

Poets are not usually given to practical considerations such as money or security. They live by their art, which can sometimes bring them wealth but more often than not leaves them struggling for survival. It's possible that this knowledge of poverty may have influenced the poet to want to travel, to see new places and meet new people, because that is exactly what he's going to do.

He has good reason to believe that there will be work on board the ship, which would help him earn a living. Also, since sailors receive food and lodging free of charge, he won't have to worry about money when he travels. The captain might even let him sleep in a bed on the deck with the other sailors, which would be very pleasant after spending months sitting at a desk.

Finally, the poet wants to go on this journey because it offers him the chance to meet people from different cultures and learn things from them. He believes that the only true education comes from experience and travel helps you gain these experiences quickly.

What does the poet wish to feel when he is on the ship?

Before embarking on his journey, the poet desires a lonely sea, a good breeze, a peaceful night, and a pleasant dream. The poet wants to guide the ship because he wants to return to the sea. 12. Love and friendship are the same thing in different clothes.

The poem is about love and its impossibility to describe it properly. All we can do is use words like "love" and "hate", "desire" and "disdain". There is no right or wrong answer, only opinions. Some people say love is sweet pain, others say hate is sweet pain. Either way, pain is what love feels like when it is not returned.

Now back to the question: What does the poet wish to feel when he is on the ship? He wishes to feel free yet safe. He is afraid that once they get into the ocean, the ship might sink. Yet at the same time, he wants to experience the fear of sinking with the ship instead of avoiding it like someone who is afraid of water.

He wants to feel both free and safe at the same time. This shows that even though love hurts, it is still worth feeling.

Why must the poet go down to the sea again?

A motif of yearning for independence and an adventurous ocean emerges. This hope is plainly seen in the verse "I must go down to the waters again." Images such as "gray mist" and "a gray morning dawning," for example, bring the poetry to life by appealing to the senses. The poet longs to break free from his or her circumstances and live a new life.

What does this mean? A hero's journey!

The phrase "down to the sea again" can also be found in Shakespeare's As you like it. It describes how Rosalind wishes to escape her life as a courtier's daughter and become an adventurer like Oliver. She dreams of marrying Orlando and living freely with him on his farm near the sea. However, this wish only lasts until she realizes that he loves another woman already. When she hears this, Rosalind decides that it is time to move on with her life and leave Orlando behind.

Shakespeare used this motif to explain how love can lead us down paths we never expected ourselves to take. In the end, these journeys help us understand ourselves better and grow into people we never thought we could be.

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