Why does the poet wish so?

Why does the poet wish so?

At the conclusion of his life, the poet desires to return to his everlasting home, that is, God, much as birds return to their nests in the evening after a long day's travel. He wishes to go back to heaven, for that is where he will live forever.

The poet uses this poem as an example of how someone who has lived a good life can expect to be rewarded by being allowed to join his family in heaven after death. The poet himself had done many good deeds and prayed to God for mercy when he was alive. Now he wants to tell us about them so that we too can see how good he had been and pray for him too when he dies.

Here are the four lines of the poem that deal with this question: "How happy could he be if he knew that soon he would be with Christ?" (3) The poet tells us that although people may talk about hell being cold and dark, it is really just the opposite. It is warm there and bright because Jesus says that he will never leave us nor let us down. (4) Finally, the poet tells us that even though everyone must die, those who have been good will not be killed again but given new lives like Jesus' own when he rose from the dead.

What role does the poet wish to play?

In the verse, "thee" alludes to God. He aspires for his compatriots to progress forward, constantly seeking guidance from the all-knowing God, ever expanding till India is transformed into a heaven of liberty. Finally, the poet asks God to grant all of his aspirations for his nation.

'Tis this desire to serve one's country that drives him to write poetry. In addition to celebrating national heroes, poets have always urged their countries to embrace peace and harmony. They have sought to inspire their people with hope and courage in times of struggle and distress.

Poets are not only responsible for spreading awareness about our nations' history but also help us understand the present situation by bringing out the best in us. Their poems unite us together as one family, irrespective of our caste, class or religion. That is why we Indians must continue to cherish our poets because without them, there would be no way for us to express ourselves.

What blessing does the poet talk about?

The poet is telling us about his recollections of rain. The sound of rainfall falling on his house's roof brings back pleasant memories. I hope it's useful to you, dude.

Why does the poet feel happy in the end?

At the end of the poem, the poet is relieved and grateful to nature for rescuing his day from being squandered. This shows that even though man may struggle with adversity, he can still find happiness in the end.

Poets often use nature as a metaphor for the mind or soul. Thus, they are saying that even though we suffer pain and loss in this life, we can still find joy and meaning through our experiences.

Throughout history, people have looked to poetry for insight about life's challenges and possibilities. Poetry has also helped those who could not speak for themselves; it has been used by nurses, doctors, and other caregivers to connect with patients. In addition, poetry has inspired many artists: musicians, writers, photographers. Indeed, many creators have said that if they had to choose between writing poems and writing books, they would choose to write poems because there is more freedom in creating something new with words than there is in telling stories with facts.

Finally, poetry has taught us that suffering produces greatness. Some people may argue that money buys happiness but most would agree that happiness comes from within and cannot be bought. Poetry reveals that beauty and joy can come from dark places where we expect them least.

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