Why does Time magazine have a red border?

Why does Time magazine have a red border?

Time's famous red border represents a daring, even arrogant notion. We translate information into knowledge every week in the magazine and every day on TIME.com via rigorous thought, writing, reporting, and compelling visuals. The basic principle that has always animated TIME is separating the important from the inconsequential.

In a sense, everything else is commentary on that idea. If you read the news each week, you'll know that we pay special attention to major events while generally staying away from politics (except when they affect us directly). But we also cover arts and entertainment, sports, science, technology, business, world affairs, people, pop culture... the list goes on.

The point is that all of these subjects are part of what makes up our daily lives. They all influence who we are as individuals and how we interact with one another. And so by covering them all, we hope to convey the essence of what it means to be human.

The border itself is black with white lettering: THE MAN IN THE MIDDLE. This phrase comes from John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men, and it's an apt description of what we do at TIME. We try to find the main story within the greater context of current events, and we aim to give it meaningful placement among other news stories.

This may sound like a simple task, but it's not.

Is Time Magazine part of the New York Times?

Time (stylized in all capitals) is a New York City-based American news magazine and news website. It was published weekly for decades, but by 2021, it had converted to bi-weekly.... Time (magazine)

Editor-in-chiefEdward Felsenthal
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City

Is Time.com a Time magazine?

>> Showcase Time.com Time is a weekly news magazine produced in New York City that serves as the flagship product of Time Inc. It covers current affairs from world politics to science with an emphasis on history, literature, art, music, film, television, sports, and food. The magazine was founded in 1962 by Henry Luce.

Time Inc. also owns Life, Men's Health, Sports Illustrated, and Wired magazines.

Time Warner sells advertising space in its publications to companies that want to target specific audiences. In addition, it operates several other website including Time.com, CNN.com, Time.com International, and TIME Magazine for Kids.

Time Warner was founded in 1989 by Malcolm Turner and Richard Parsons. Before forming his own company, Turner worked for CBS and NBC and later became chairman and chief executive officer of Turner Broadcasting System, the largest American broadcast group at the time it was formed. He remained in this role when Time Warner was formed in 1995. Parsons was formerly president of Madison Square Garden Corporation. He has been elected chairman of the board of Time Warner and remains involved in day-to-day operations of the company.

Time Warner is based in New York City.

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