Why is Thanatopsis a good example of romantic poetry?

Why is Thanatopsis a good example of romantic poetry?

The poem "Thanatopsis" is an example of romantic literature since it depicts man being one with nature, being a humanitarian, and sentiments vs rationality. The poem depicts the concept of reconnecting with lost loved ones. He also claims that in Mother Character's works, the nature of dying is not sorrowful but calm. This shows that death can be seen as a transition rather than an end.

Other examples of romantic poetry are "Ode to a Grecian Urn" by Keats, "O Solitude!" by Wordsworth, and "I Stand All Tinselled Out for the Wedding" by Byron. These poems show that death is not to be feared but expected part of life. It is important to keep loving others even after they die because death will come for us all.

Which facet of the poem makes it a good example of romantic poetry?

Which aspect of "Thanatopsis" distinguishes it as a fine example of Romantic poetry? The speaker's profound emotions and thoughts have been triggered by the natural surroundings. These include mountains, rivers, and forests. These elements serve to express the loneliness that the speaker feels because his friend has died. Also, the reference to "wild animals" in the last stanza suggests that he is also afraid that he might die too.

Romantic poets such as Wordsworth and Byron sought to escape from the restraints of society by retreating into nature. They believed that people who lived in solitude were more free than those who were constantly occupied with their duties. Thus, they felt that death was not so bad because there was nothing left to do after you died.

They also wanted to find something greater than themselves. So they decided to explore other people's minds and discover what made them special. This is why they wrote poems instead of songs. A song can only describe how someone feels at a particular moment. But a poem can tell us about life itself and what it means to be human.

Another reason why these two poets chose writing poems over singing songs is because they wanted their readers/listeners to feel deep emotions. People love reading or listening to poems that make them feel strong feelings.

What is the tone of Thanatopsis?

The mood of "Thanatopsis" is serene. Despite the fact that the poem's theme is death, the author proposes that those who are troubled by the concept of a death should read the poem. He also suggests that those who enjoy thinking about life and its mysteries should read it too.

Thanatopsis begins with a statement asking what is the use of living if then must die. The author asks this question because he wants to know whether there is any point in continuing to live. He believes that since everyone dies, there is no reason to worry about it or be sad about it. Living a good life, according to him, is all that matters at the end of the day.

However, he also adds that we should appreciate every moment because later on they will tell us what had happened next. This addition makes the poem not only meaningful but also hopeful. Although death is inevitable, people can choose how they react to it. They can choose to fear it or not, to fight against it or not, but either way they have the power to change their fate.

Thanatopsis is written in an elegant style, full of beautiful words that reflect the attitude of the poet. Modern readers may find his writing style interesting because it is different from today's common poetry which tends to use more emotion rather than logic to express ideas.

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